How To Add ServerStats To A Discord Server

Add server stats to discord server

Do you want you and others to be able to see the stats metrics or member count on your Discord server?

This way you would be able to track the number of members on our server and a lot more.

ServerStats is a freemium bot that has been adopted by many Discord server owners; especially NFT Discord servers.

It is used to show full members, online members, channels, or in some cases whitelist count in Discord servers.

If you are thinking of adding this stats bot to your Discord server, it is a great idea as it promotes a strong and transparent brand to new or old members and the setup is very straightforward.

All you need to do is to invite the bot to your Discord server, authorize it to manage a few changes, and you are done!

In this guide, you will learn why the ServerStats is important in every Discord server and how to add the ServerStats bot to any Discord server that you own.

Is The ServerStats Bot In Your Discord Server Necessary?

Yes and no. 

However, if you are looking to build a brand that reeks of transparency, adding a bot that can show the number of members on your server and all other important statistics is usually the best way to go.

This bot has free and paid features, and for the most part, showing member count is a free feature every server owner on Discord show consider incorporating this bot.

How to Add ServerStats Bot to a Discord Server

As mentioned, adding this bot to a server o Discord is pretty much straightforward; you just need to invite the bot to your server and grant it a few permissions.

Note that you have to access your Discord server using a computer and that there are a lot of server stats bots for Discord on the market, our experts recommend this one.

Here are how to add a server stats bot to a Discord server:

1. Go to ServerStats website and invite the bot

The first step is to copy “” and paste it into your PC browser.

After that you are going to invite the bot to your Discord server, so make sure that the browser you are using to access this bot is the same one you can use to access your server.

Once the link has fully loaded, click on “Invite Bot” and you will be automatically redirected to a Discord authorization window.

2. Authorize the stats bot

Once you have been redirected to the Discord authorization window, you will need to log into the Discord account associated with the server that you want to link with the ServerStats bot.

After that, select the preferred server from the dropdown menu and click on “Continue”.

Finally, select permissions, and then click on “Authorize” and solve the hCaptcha in the next window to proceed to the next step, creating bot commands and assigning roles.

3. Create commands and assign roles on Discord server

The final step to adding ServerStats to a Discord server is to activate the bot, create commands, and assign roles to the bot on your server.

To activate the stats bot on your server, you need to give the counter bot a role by navigating to your server’s members’ list, right-clicking on the bot, selecting a role, and then assigning a role to it; Ex. “Bot”.

Next, it is time to create commands; select any text page on your server and type “s/setup” without the quotes, and then click on the enter key,

An option to choose which type of channel you want the counter to count should appear after running the command, choosing text channels, and then saving changes.


This freemium stats counter bot is very important in any Discord server that is looking to grow a trusted and strong brand.

You can use this counter to show the number of members, roles, and more on your server.

When old and new members see stats like this, it gives them the confidence to stay and believe in what you are building as a server creator or leave.

This counter is very easy to set up, and once you have added it to your server it usually starts updating your stats every ten minutes.

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