Discord Keeps Asking Me Verify If I’m Human (Quick Fix)

Discord Keeps Asking Me Verify If I’m Human: how to fix

Are you having problems with Discord always asking you to verify if you are human anytime you want to log into your account?

You find yourself solving hCaptcha over and over again.

When this happens, it is usually a measure to help keep your account safe and filter out spam and bots.

But, it can get annoying as you have to verify that you are human repeatedly and still it is not registering with Discord.

Fortunately, we have figured out a way you can stop this from happening to you if you are one of the users experiencing constant human verification on Discord.

In this guide, you will learn how to stop Discord from constantly asking you to verify that you are human every time you log into your account and why it happens.

Why Does Discord Keep Asking Me Verify If I’m Human?

One of the major reasons why you are constantly asked to verify if you are human on Discord is safety.

So if you are constantly being asked to verify, it means something is wrong with your account.

Usually, it might be that you have been involved in suspicious interactions within the Discord app.

Another reason is that you might be trying to log into your account from an unknown location or with a new device, Discord takes actions like this seriously.

Additionally, it could be that some of your login details have been exposed to hackers and they are trying to gain access to your account.

How To Stop Discord From Always Asking You To Verify That You Are Human

Since this is a measure to ensure that your Discord account is safe from intruders, the only way to usually fix this problem is to ensure that your account is seriously protected.

So to protect your Discord account which in turn fixes this human verification problem you will need to follow the steps below.

Step #1: Turn off the VPN

The one thing most social apps do not advise is the use of VPNs to access your account.

While most people use VPNs because they want to protect their privacy online, it can make them come off as shady.

So if you have been logging into your Discord account with your VPN turned on, turn it off and try logging in again.

You can skip this step if you do not use VPN.

Step #2: Clear Discord app cache data

Since cache data is usually unusable built-up data from your app usage over time, it is important to clear them as often as possible.

These cache data disrupt the normal framework of how some apps work.

So if you have been logging into your Discord account without being asked to verify if you are human and suddenly it is happening, clearing your app’s cache data should help.

Step #3: Change your Discord password

The next step is to change your password on your Discord account.

You recall that we mentioned above that being asked to verify yourself all the time on Discord may be happening because you may have unknowingly exposed your login details to hackers.

However, whether you are sure or not you have exposed your login details, it is best to change your password; make sure it is something you can always remember.

Step #4: Enable 2-factor authentication

After changing your password on Discord, the next action you should perform is to enable two-factor authentication.

You can find the feature in the setting once you log into your account.

Enabling two-factor authentication will add an extra layer of security to your account, anyone trying to log into your account will not be able to as they will be asked to verify with a code that only you will have access to. 

Step #5: Change your Discord Username

We know this is hard but most times changing your Discord username helps fix this problem.

A lot of hackers work overtime to gain access to your account and gaining a new identity online is usually your best bet to avoid them.

Step #6: Ask tech support for reasons

If you made it to this last step, then it means that none of the steps above worked for you.

So the only solution is to contact Discord tech support and ask them one on one why you are always asked to verify that you are human anytime you try to log into your account.

The online downside to this step is that they (tech support) usually take time to respond, you are looking at 2-3 business days.

So prepare to be patient and try not to send them a message on Fridays as the preceding days are weekends; it is best to contact them on weekdays (Mondays-Thursdays).


As a security measure apps like Discord will always ask for verification, especially the hCaptcha.

They do this when they detect that you are trying to access your Discord account from an unknown location or device.

Or they may have noticed that your accounts have been tried to log into from a lot of locations, usually by hackers.

Changing your password, and username, and enabling 2fa authentication also helps fix this problem.

However, I the problem persists we have a step in this post that will guide you on how and when to send a message to Discord tech support.

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