Animated Avatars Are Being Removed From Nitro Basic?

Animated Avatars Are Being Removed From Nitro Basic

The Discord Nitro Basic feature that allows using animated images or gifs as profile pictures are being removed.

A memo has been released by Discord that on the 12th of December, 2022 that animated avatars will be scraped from the Nitro basic package, however, the feature will still be available to Nitro classic subscribers.

In the memo, Discord also stated that the 50Mb uploads, custom stickers, and emojis, custom video backgrounds, and the Nitro badge on your profile will still be available to Nitro basic subscribers.

They also mentioned that if you are a Nitro basic subscriber and already using an animated profile picture or avatar, it will remain static after December, 12th of 2022.

This news was welcomed with mixed reactions from users especially those who have leaned towards the Nitro basic plan due to its price model.

Some of the users on a subreddit were not having it, a certain user, MysticGengar wrote:

“Can we, like, trade the video backgrounds for the animated profile pictures? I was literally just considering getting it for said PFPs, but Nevermind then.”

Another user, XPGamingYT wrote:

“oh noo, all that bandwidth wasted from displaying a gif instead of a png for paying customers”

An ushe123 on Reddit also voiced his concerns saying:

“Yea right lmao. How can they write that with a straight face and not think to themselves “wow, we are literally taking away this single extra cool thing, from the Nitro basic people”. Oh, right I forgot…money :)”

It is safe to say that a lot of Nitro basic subscribers on Discord were not happy with this impending change, but it is happening and there isn’t much we can do.

Even though, the change seems unnecessary Discord is yet to release any new memo changing their minds nor have they given a concise reason for this change as of the time of writing this.

If you do want to continue enjoying the animated avatars feature on Discord, upgrading to Nitro classic would be the best option.

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