The 3 Best ChatGPT Alternative For AI Copywriting

The 3 Best ChatGPT Alternative For AI Copywriting

ChatGPT being one of the best AI platforms out there makes it rather difficult to find other AI tools as effective and reliable as ChatGPT.

ChatGPT took over the AI game, beating most of the previous AI tools dominating the AI world.

It completely changed the game as it outclassed these other AI tools.

The uses of ChatGPT in this modern digital world are almost limitless as even courtrooms in the US make use of ChatGPT to carry out rulings, this is something previous AI tools could not even conceive.

However, this does not mean that in the present time, ChatGPT is the only AI tool with unique features that is capable of carrying out these amazing functions.

ChatGPT does have some disadvantages despite all the amazing features and so on, there are some limitations like its inability to export files in some particular formats, or the fact that it can not give details on files before 2021.

These limitations are one of the few reasons why users look for alternatives to ChatGPT. In this guide, I will list a few of these alternatives for ChatGPT.

Best ChatGPT Alternative For AI Copywriting

Freelancers tend to make use of ChatGPT for AI copywriting, it is one of the amazing features that makes ChatGPT stand out among previous AI tools.

However these limitations are a hindrance, so let’s take a look at alternatives for ChatGPT that can also carry out AI copywriting just as effectively as ChatGPT.

1. ChatSonic

The first ChatGPT alternative in this short list is the ChatSonic.

ChatSonic is similar to ChatGPT in its build and its ability to connect to a search engine that finds out current information, and this search engine is Google as opposed to that of ChatGPT’s Bing.

ChatSonic has a unique feature for business platforms, they are referred to as AI chatbots.

They intelligently relate with customers and give responses that are very similar to that of humans.

ChatSonic creates artwork digitally, generates texts, and it also responds to voice commands, all this making it extremely useful for creators who need to improve their productivity and flow of work.

2. Google BARD

Google BARD is an amazing AI tool, but it might not be as popular as ChatGPT, especially for people who are not familiar with the AI world.

However, Google BARD is just as good as ChatGPT if not better.

It was designed to give an outstanding conversational experience, with its AI monolithic chatbot which puts together every conversation you have into a single session.

This is something ChatGPT lacks, Google BARD allows for different conversations simultaneously unlike ChatGPT with its chat instances that are separated.

BARD runs on the “Language Model for Dialogue Applications”.

This allows Google BARD to understand distinctive languages, it can handle composite conversations and any form of dialogue.

It can also handle context from any form of input.

ChatGPT on the other hand has only one type of text output, but Google BARD has no such limitation as it can export in different formats like PDF, DOCX, Word, and so on.


This AI was designed to focus specifically on the creation of content making it perfect for copywriting, you can make use of this AI to make ad copies, create social media posts, write articles, and so on.

It specifies coherent text that is very engaging, a place where ChatGPT falls short.

It excels in the replication of different types of writing, which makes it a good alternative to ChatGPT.

It analyzes and understands every context of a request made and then gives significant responses, it can also match the brand voice you want through the brand voice feature.

It has a feature that provides a variety of templates for different types of content.

ChatGPT does not have an SEO optimization tool present in, making content creation even more coherent.


These are some of the best AI tools that work as some of the best alternatives for ChatGPT, they do not put ChatGPT out of the AI game, they just prove that it is not the only available AI tool that can be used for copywriting, among other things.

Each of the AI tools listed above has its strong standings making them as diverse as they come, outstanding, and impressive.

However, all of these AI tools ChatGPT included are not perfect, and they still require human participation to reach the results desired.

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