If You Block Someone On iMessage Will Your Phone Send Read Receipts

If You Block Someone On iMessage Will Your Phone Send Read Receipts

There are a lot of reasons why you may decide to block someone, most of the time you do it because you do not want to be in contact with the person you have blocked anymore.

And it is common that after blocking a person, you may have some last words that you may want to say to the person without actually unblocking that person.

What happens if you have sent a message to the person before blocking them on iMessage, will your iPhone show you a read receipt?

With the new iOS 16 update, a lot of changes and new features are expected and you may be surprised at what your iMessage app is capable of doing.

So if you have recently blocked someone on iMessage for any reason and you want to know if you would receive a read receipt to show that they did see the message and have read it, keep reading to find out.

In this guide, you will find out if you can still receive read receipts after you have sent a message to someone you have blocked on iMessage.

If You Block someone on iMessage will Your Phone Send Read Receipts?

No, you will not receive a read receipt or get notified that a message you have sent to someone that you have blocked on iMessage has been read or opened.

Let’s say, for example, you sent someone a message on iMessage and you immediately blocked them, unless they read it before you blocked them, you will not see a read receipt for that message or text.

However, if you really must know if they have read the message, you can ask them or ask someone that knows them to ask them.

Do blocked iMessages get delivered when unblocked?

No, messages sent to someone you have blocked on iMessage will not get delivered unless you have turned on the “send as SMS” feature that way those iMessages may be sent to the receiver’s phone in SMS format.

To do this, turn on “send as SMS” and then tap and hold on the failed message and select “resend as SMS”.

But this would only work if the receiver hasn’t blocked you too, if they have; that message will never get in their phone.

Even if you unblock them, you will only see the last delivered conversations you have had with them before you blocked them.

Just like WhatsApp, if you want to message a blocked contact on iMessage, you will have to unblock them first as messages sent to a blocked contact on iMessage on iPhone are not held in a queue; there are no settings for that yet.


It is very common to block friends or strangers on the popular iMessage app on iPhone.

It is also not uncommon for some reason you still want to text the blocked contact, that may not be as easy as you think as it may even require you to unblock them.

However, there’s always an answer for everything on the internet, and this guide is proof of that; going through it will answer your questions, what you should do to be able to text someone you have blocked on iMessage, and more.

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