What Is Burst Reaction On Discord And How Does It Work?

Burst Reaction On Discord meaning

With the September 2022 update, Discord introduced the burst reaction feature and it was welcomed with mixed feelings.

A lot of users wondered why it is even needed and why it feels like they are trying to copy Instagram’s ‘explosion” reactions or WhatsApp’s quick reactions.

We at WIHTB are also wondering the same too, and that is why we took it upon ourselves to do our research on this whole burst reaction fiasco.

The burst reaction on Discord is one of the newest paid features that was introduced with the September 2022 update, with this feature you can make a party popper full of emojis that explode on the receiver’s screens anytime they see your message. 

While this is supposed to be fun, a lot of users have not been able to welcome it with open arms; some are even grateful it is a paid feature.

In this article, we will be discussing the “burst” reaction feature on Discord, how it works, and how to use it.

What Is “Burst” Reaction on Discord?

The burst reaction on Discord is just a dramatic party popper effect that people see when you react to their messages with an emoji.

It is only available to users who pay for Nitro, so you may not see this “burst” if you are not subscribed to a Nitro plan.

Yes, it is similar to Instagram’s “explosion” effect which happens whenever you react to a friend’s story.

With this “burst” you will be able to make conversations fun and maybe lively for yourself and others.

It is quite an unnecessary feature, but anything to make Discord fun, yeah?

Additionally, we think this feature is here to stay, just like the “done reading” feature which became permanent on Discord mobile following the September app update; this burst feature is not going anywhere.

Our only light at the end of the tunnel is that it is a paid feature, so if you are broke on Discord; be happy (a joke).

How To Use The “Burst” Reaction On Discord

It is very easy to use the burst reaction on Discord, first step is to be a premium user on Discord (be on the Nitro plan).

Then to use the burst reaction, just tap and hold on a message like you normally would and then tap on the dramatic emoji on the right, should look something like this:

How Does The “Burst” Reaction On Discord Work?

Make Sure You Have Discord Premium (Nitro)

As we mentioned earlier, the burst reaction feature on Discord is not available to all users on the platform.

To be eligible, you need to upgrade to Discord premium that is subscribe to any Nitro plan.

To subscribe to a Nitro plan on Discord, just tap on your pfp on the bottom right; then tap on “Get Nitro” under “Billing Settings” and go ahead and follow the on-screen prompts.

You can learn more about Discord Nitro plans here.

Is Burst Reaction Good?

Despite the debate surrounding this feature, plus the functionality of this burst reaction, the simple answer is yes.

The burst reaction on Discord is and can be good for anyone who wants the feature.

What makes it even great is how it is optional, if you feel like you don’t want to be able to react with exploding emojis to a text on Discord, you can simply turn it off in settings or not subscribe to Nitro at all.

Additionally, it is not a harmful feature, and anyone Discord user interested can use it.


Discord has been in existence since 2015 and it shouldn’t be a surprise that is introducing a lot of features.

While most users would prefer a plain app with no “unnecessary” features, change is constant.

The “burst” reactions on Discord just came into the picture with the 2022 September and a lot of users are not exactly having it, they think it is useless.

Although this feature is only available to Nitro subscribers, we feel like it would have been better if they put a setting to turn off that annoying “done reading, check out other channels” popup.

But who are we to complain, we are nothing but pencils in the hands of Discord.

Even with the complaints and all, one would be very sure that nobody would be getting Nitro because they want to use the “burst” reactions; but then again anything is possible, and some users might love it.

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