How To Buy Algo Coin On Binance (Easy Guide!)

How To Buy Algo Coin On Binance

To buy Algo (Algorand) coin on Binance, you need to have a verified Binance account.

Then, you can decide if you want to store it on Trust Wallet or Binance, or just swap it for another crypto after some time.

The algo coin is a native token of the Algorand blockchain, it can be used to trade NFTs, its market cap at the moment is around $1,597,222,492, and a lot of crypto traders think it has potential.

One Algorand token is equivalent to $0.224377 as of today’s cryptocurrency stats.

If you are looking to join the band of Algo coin/token owners and you have money to spare, it won’t be a bad idea to invest in it but DYOR (do your research).

To know more about Algorand coin, you can visit their official website here:

Here is how you can buy Algo on Binance:

1. Download the Binance app

Before you can buy Algorand from Binance then you need to install the app on your device first.

The Binance app supports iOS and Android devices, with a desktop you can just use their official website.

After installing the Binance app on your device, launch it and create a new account or log into your account.

2. Buy the Algorand coin

Binance app balance portfolio

Once you have launched the Binance app, navigate to “Wallets” at the bottom-right of your screen

Click on “Buy” and then choose the method you want to use and buy the Algo coin with a credit card or P2P trading depending on your location.

You will then be asked to select the cryptocurrency you want to buy from the dropdown menu at the top of your screen, do.

And then input the amount of Algo you want to buy or your local currency equivalent and then click on “Buy ALGO”

3. Confirm Algo purchase

After clicking on “Buy ALGO”, you will be asked by Binance to select your payment method again.

If you choose credit card payment, you will have to type in your card information on the next page.

You will also be asked to type in your billing address too; make sure all the information you are typing in is valid to avoid running into problems during your purchase.

After that, click on “Confirm” and your Algo should be in your Binance balance portfolio in no time.

Algo Coin Price Prediction In 2025

Crypto traders who are worried about investing in Algorand are curious to know the future of the Algorand coin, what would be price be like in 2025?

While we cannot offer you financial advice, we do have a 50-50 feeling about cryptocurrency.

It has already been listed on Binance, so that is a good start and from their official website, it seems to be promising.

We predict that Algo (Algorand) would be $4 by the end of 2025.


The cryptocurrency market is volatile, so investors have always tried to be careful of which coin to invest in.

Algorand is quite new, it has gained some popularity over the years, it is even listed on Binance where you can buy it too, and the team behind this coin looks like they know what they are doing.

But that’s not enough reason to invest in a crypto coin without doing your research as we at TechGaur are not in any position to offer financial advice.

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