Are Apple Airpods Compatible With Samsung Note 8?

Answer to "Are Apple Airpods Compatible With Samsung Note 8?"

Wondering if you can use Apple Airpods with Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an Android smartphone that completely uses a completely different operating system.

It is one of the smartphone models in the Samsung Note series, the one that comes with an S pen and slightly curved edges.

While the Airpods are an accessory for Apple iPhone which runs on the iOS operating system.

Airpods too come in different models, but we won’t be focusing on a particular model in this guide.

However, despite their very obvious differences, there’s often confusion regarding if they can work together.

These confusions may have stemmed from the fact that lots of third-party earbuds and headsets are being programmed recently to be compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones.

However, our job at Whoihavetobe is to clear these confusions by comparing the two devices: Samsung Note 8 and the Apple Airpods, and explore their compatibility.

Are Apple Airpods Compatible With Samsung Note 8?

Yes, Apple Airpods are compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Despite their obvious differences, you can connect Apple Airpods to most Samsung phones including the Note 8 model.

This is because Apple Airpods are still Bluetooth earphones irrespective of the brand names.

Apple Airpods do not just share compatibility with the Samsung Note 8 smartphones, they can also work with any Bluetooth-supported device.

The downside to using Apple Airpods with non-Apple devices is that you may miss out on some functionality including using Siri voice commands, battery level, and mostly likely more.

Except for the “double-tap” function that allows you to tap on the Airpods to pause/play a sound, this works pretty well on Samsung Note 8 phones.


And that is all there is to know about Apple Airpods and their compatibility with Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

The verdict is that the former are compatible with the latter because they are both Bluetooth-supported.

We hope we have answered your question, do share with others to spread the word.

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