Can Discord Moderators See What You Search In A Server? Answered

Can Discord Moderators See What You Search In A Server? Answered

Are wondering if moderators can see what you search in a Discord server?

If you have been confused about how much access they have to a server keep reading.

On Discord servers, you can search for specific messages or members using the search bar on the top of a channel.

It is easier than scrolling all the way up to find old conversations or scrolling through the members’ list to find a user.

Yes, Discord moderators do have a lot of administrative privileges in a server, but what is their limit?

In this post, we will share everything we know about Discord mods, server searches, and what mods can and cannot see in a Discord server.

Can Discord Moderators See What You Search In A Server?

The short answer is no, Discord server moderators cannot see what you search on that server.

Your search history on any Discord server is only visible to you, no one can see them unless they have access to your account.

Yes, Discord moderators do have a certain level of power in a server but seeing searches carried out by server members is not one of them.

Server moderators are just like regular Discord users the only difference is the colored name tags, and a few admin privileges, that’s all.

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If any Discord moderator is claiming that they can see all you have been searching don’t believe them, if they have proof then that user somehow has hacked into your account and has access to your search history.


Discord moderators have the power to remove a user(s) from a server, delete messages on servers even if they didn’t write them, assign server roles, read and reply support tickets, and create new channels in a server, among others.

But that’s all there is to it, outside a Discord server there are just regular users like you.

So no, they cannot see, view, or even edit what you search in a server.

For this to be possible they need to have access to log into your account.

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