Can Someone On Telegram See My Phone Number?

Can Someone On Telegram See My Phone Number?

Wondering if just anyone on Telegram can see your phone number.

If you want a secure communication app where you can chat with friends and family while having privacy and all the other things expected from a secure app, then Telegram is a good option for you.

When you open an account on Telegram you need to provide your phone number, it is necessary to have the account set up.

People like privacy so they would love it if not just anyone could see their phone number on telegram, phone numbers are important, and having it exposed to just about anyone can be a risk.

In this guide, you will find out if people can see your phone number on Telegram, and how to stop or allow people to see your phone number on Telegram.

Can Someone on Telegram See My Phone Number?

The answer to this question depends on your privacy settings on your Telegram account, so it is a yes and no.

The choice is all yours to make, but you can hide your phone number from everyone on your contact list in Telegram where you would be the only one who can see it.

When you sign up on Telegram for the first time, you can decide to link your contacts, this would allow people on Telegram who have your contact saved on their phone to be able to see your phone number in Telegram.

The Different Phone Number Privacy Settings on Telegram

There are options about who can see your phone number, and the first one is the “Everyone” option, the “Contact Only” option, and the “Only You’ option.

The “Everyone” option means anybody who uses Telegram can see your contact if you are on the same channel or while chatting privately with a stranger.

The “Contacts-only” option makes your phone number visible to only your contacts who have your phone number saved in their device.

And the “Only You” option is pretty much self-explanatory, which means that only you can view your phone number.

How To Edit Who Can See Your Phone Number on Telegram

There is also the option to edit who sees your phone number, like specific people whom you choose to let see your phone number.

You can access all these options in the settings of your Telegram account; here is how to do it:

1. Open your Telegram app and click on the three lines at the top left corner of the screen and a left-side menu will open up.

2. Scroll down, select “Settings”, and a new menu will open up, and go to the “Privacy and Security” options.

3. After selecting privacy and security, click on “Phone number” in the new menu where you will see a category “Who can see my phone number” and three options under it (Everybody, My contacts, Nobody).

The “Everybody” option lets everyone you connect with on Telegram to see your phone number.

My “Contacts” option lets only your contacts that have your number saved in their device see your phone number on Telegram.

And the “Nobody” option is for nobody but you to see your phone number on telegram.

How To Set Up Who Can Find Your Phone Number On Telegram

When you select the “Nobody” option under “Settings” as explained in the previous heading, you will see “Everybody and My contacts”.

This category is where you can edit those who can find you through your phone number; to further explain:

1. The “Everybody” option allows users of Telegram who have your number saved in their contacts to be able to find you on Telegram.

2. The “My contacts” option allows users of Telegram who have your number saved in their contact list to be able to find you only if you also have their number saved as well.

There is also the “Add exceptions” option that allows users to edit who they want to find by their phone number, or who they want to see by their phone number.

You can also set a username and let Telegram users, including those in your contact list, see your username instead of your phone number.

To do this, go to “Settings”, you will see an option to set a username under “Account” just below your phone number.

Then go to “Privacy and Security” select “Phone number” and select “Nobody” under the “Who can see my phone number” category, this would set users to only see your username and not your phone number.


You are the only one who can let people see your phone number if you choose to, you can stop everyone else from seeing your phone number, so only you would see it.

Now you know how the whole phone number visibility works on telegram, how you can set it so nobody would see your phone number or only your contacts or everybody sees your phone number.

I hope this article has been able to answer the question of whether someone on telegram can see my phone number.

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