Why Can’t I Type The Word “Discord” On Roblox? Answered

Why Can’t I Type The Word “Discord” On Roblox? Answered

The Roblox app allows users to play different types of games online, users can also create games, and chat with fellow gamers online.

It is like a multipurpose app that puts together social commerce with social media and gaming.

Roblox has some restrictions and policy that does not allow for certain things, this is to keep the app unique.

This can get frustrating sometimes as users have complained about it a few times.

Some of these restrictions have to do with some words, one of them being the word discord, which is what this article will cover.

Why users can not type the word discord on Roblox, let’s take a look at the reason why this is so.

Why Can’t I Type Discord On Roblox?

The restriction of words like “Discord” on Roblox is so strangers that kids chat with on the app can not tell the kids to chat with them privately on a different platform.

And it is not just discord, Roblox prevents any social media from being mentioned, however, some methods are provided by Roblox which they have full control over.

Discord is a 13+ platform as people can share images, videos, and texts that are inappropriate for children below the age of 13, so this restriction is necessary.

The prohibition of any social media from being mentioned is to protect children from below 13 from being influenced by others from 13 and above to join other social media platforms, so they would not come across inappropriate things on those social media platforms.

The main reason why Roblox blocks out words is to secure a safe and unique environment where gamers can peacefully interact with no problem whatsoever.

The Roblox text filtering feature does not just prevent users from seeing and using inappropriate language, it also prevents users from seeing personal identity information.

Roblox community standards are compulsory to be met at all times so it lessens the content of experience users get and pass on to one another.

The type of words that are blocked by Roblox are obscene, blasphemous language. Swearing is also not allowed on Roblox.

Roblox has a feature called “Voice Chat”, the voice chat feature allows users to say things without it getting filtered.

But this does not mean that say bad things with voice chat as it would ban any user who does.

In voice chat, users can mention other social media names while communicating, however, users below the age of 13 can not use the voice chat feature.

But first, users must verify their age with a Government-issued ID.

If you have an ID verification on Roblox which is available for ages 13 and above you can use certain bad words but they have to be filtered like typing the “f-word” as “F**C” among others.

Cuss words are also prohibited on Roblox, this is because Roblox wishes to keep its platform safe and free from verbal abuse.

Roblox has millions of users and young or not they prevent youths and little children from cursing or being cursed at, this is cyberbullying and it is not tolerated.

Roblox gives 2 warnings to a user who has found a way to bypass the restrictions and done something prohibited, the 3rd warning comes with a ban on the account of the user for 1 week (or 168 hours).

After a week, if the user still breaks the rules and regulations again, the user account gets banned for 2 weeks this time around that is 14 days (or 336 hours).

Personal Information is not visible on Roblox, every single chat on Roblox is filtered there are no exceptions whatsoever.

However, there are different safety settings for different players.

Also, experience restrictions are done by the age of the user, the age of the user is what determines some safety and experience settings.

There are some general settings for everyone like cuss words being blocked for every single user of Roblox.


There you have it, you can not type the word discord on Roblox for safety purposes because of children under age 13.

This also prevents them from being influenced by strangers to join Discord, and this goes for all other social media platforms.

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