Can You Put Links In Pinterest Comment Section? Answered

Can You Put Links In Pinterest Comment Section? Answered

Are you wondering if you can put links a comments on Pinterest?

If yes, then you are not alone, a lot of people have been curious about it.

The comment section on Pinterest is almost non-existence because most of its users spend more time viewing pins and downloading them to their devices*.

Besides that, most website owners do use Pinterest to increase social media traffic to their website, they are the ones that may be worried about links in the comment section.

We have our brand account on Pinterest, in a bid to get more views to that link we did try out posting links in the comment section, and we discovered a few things, keep reading.

In this post, we will answer the question: “can you put links in the Pinterest comment section?”

Can You Put Links In Pinterest Comment Section?

The short answer is that you can insert links into a comment you want to post on Pinterest.

However, they will not be clickable, they will just appear as plain text to anyone reading that comment on Pinterest.

This means that if anyone wants to view what is in the link you have posted, they will have to copy your whole comment, paste it on a notepad, select and copy the link, and then paste it and load the link on a browser.

Why Can’t I Post Clickable Links in Pinterest Comments Section?

The reason you cannot insert clickable in a Pinterest comment is to reduce spam and make comments easy to navigate.

Pinterest already gives their users the freedom to insert links in the pins they post as long as they are eligible to join the platform.

So it is only fair that they leave the comment section on their platform spam-free and easy to navigate.

Limits like his are very common on some social media websites, Instagram does it, and TikTok too.


If you are looking to drive traffic to a link from Pinterest, you can use pins to do that.

This is because you cannot post clickable links in Pinterest’s comment section.

As this is a way for Pinterest to reduce spam and impose orderliness on their platform.

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