How To Close Tabs On Samsung Galaxy In Easy Steps

How To Close Tabs On Samsung Galaxy

Closing (internet or open app) open tabs on Samsung Galaxy phones can often be a problem among some users.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones has been among the best Android phone brands for quite a while now; most users either go for a Samsung phone or an iPhone.

Despite its ‘greatness’ and great functionality, users do run into problems from time to time, problems as how to see or close up to 99 open tabs in the safest way possible.

However, in this guide, you will learn how to see open tabs on Samsung, how to close open tabs on Samsung and more.

How to See Open Tabs On Samsung Galaxy

To see open tabs on your Samsung phone or tablet is pretty easier and straightforward.

However, it depends on the tabs that are open; internet tabs or app tabs.

A lot of users might find it confusing how to quickly see these open tabs and quickly close them for various reasons, some of which include:

  • Navigation buttons are not visible,
  • You may have mistakenly hidden your Samsung internet or your third-party browser app, or
  • The “Secret mode” has been turned on.

The above-stated reasons may be a hindrance to any user trying to see open tabs on any Samsung phone or tablet.

Therefore, make sure that your navigation buttons are visible (enable them under “Navigation bar” under “Display”), and that your browser app is not hidden from the list of apps on the homepage (if missing, search for the app in “Finder search”), and that you have not been browsing in secret mode.

Moving on, to see open internet tabs on Samsung Galaxy, open your internet or browser app; on the bottom right corner, and tap on the tab icon with the number count, just like in the photo below to see:

This should show you all the open internet tabs on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Additionally, to see open app tabs on Samsung, tap on the “||” button on the left of your navigation bar below, and the list of open apps will appear.

How to Close Tabs on Samsung Galaxy

After you must have seen all the open tabs on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you may want to close some or all of them to free up space and reduce possible phone lag.

While it looks like it should be easy to close tabs on Samsung, it would be surprising that some s9 and s10 users have been finding it difficult to perform this seemingly easy task.

So if you are using a Samsung Galaxy s9, s10, or other model and you are finding it difficult to close tabs on your device, we have got you covered.

Follow these steps to close internet tabs on Samsung smartphone:

Step #1. Open the browser app or the Samsung internet app

Tap on your browser app or the Samsung internet app and navigate to tabs (see how above).

Make sure that your mobile data is turned on before doing this.

If you cannot see any of the apps on the list of apps on your homepage, you can always look up the app’s name in the “Finder search” bar on the top of your screen.

Step #2. Close the open tab(s)

Now, tap on the ‘X’ next to each open tab to close them.

Or if you want to close all open tabs at once, you can tap on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen to select “Close all tabs”.

Follow these steps to close open app tabs on Samsung Galaxy smartphones s9, s10:

Leaving a lot of apps open on your Samsung phone for a long period may cause possible phone lag and can drain your battery quickly.

It is best to close apps that you are not making use of at the moment on any phone, or computer, not just Samsung.

Step #1. Tap on the three lines on the navigation bar

On the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap on the ||| button (usually on the right), and all the list of apps that are currently open on your smartphone should appear.

You can then swipe left and right to go through them to decide which ones to close or not.

Step #2. Close open apps on Samsung

After deciding which apps to keep open; swipe up or down on any app you want to close.

You also can decide to close all the open apps by just tapping on “Close all”, waiting for a few seconds, and then tapping on the home button to save changes.


The purpose of closing tabs on smartphones is to create more space for fresh tabs and reduce possible smartphone lag or battery drain.

On Samsung Galaxy phones, it is very easy to do this for both open internet tabs and app tabs, as long as you know where to find them.

Here is a complete guide you can look back to if you ever need help with finding and closing open tabs on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

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