How To Disable Emoji Suggestions While Typing In Telegram

How To Disable Emoji Suggestions While Typing In Telegram

Do you find it annoying getting emoji suggestions while typing a text on Telegram?

If yes, there is a way you can disable the suggestions without interfering with other settings in your Telegram app.

The emoji suggestion feature on Telegram works like auto-fill/complete. 

It suggests an emoji for you when you think you might want to include an emoji in your text.

Even though this feature is supposed to be helpful, it can still get irritating sometimes for some users.

In this guide, you will learn how to disable the emoji suggestion pop-up on Telegram desktop and mobile.

How to Disable Emoji Suggestion While Typing on Telegram

To disable emoji suggestions on Telegram desktop or mobile, you will need to turn off the Replace emoji feature and also disable animations in the settings.

Another method to disable the emoji suggestion feature is to add ‘Space’ after you type a word or text that might represent and trigger an emoji.

Let’s get started.

  1. Add space to the text
  2. Turn off the Replace emoji feature
  3. Disable animations

1. Add space to the text

This is the most useful method since I accepted that Telegram developers are never going to introduce a permanent feature that can stop suggesting emoji(s) while you type. 

So if you notice that whenever you type a text in the Telegram chat box, emoji(s) suggestions pop up.

Simply tap on your ‘Space’ button immediately after typing a text or word that triggers an emoji(s).

Once you add ‘Space’ to the text you are typing, the pop-up emoji suggestions will disappear.

2. Turn off the Replace emoji feature

In the “Settings” of your Telegram app, navigate to “Stickers and Emoji” and click on it.

Next, click on “Suggest stickers by emoji” and select “None.

Note: Selecting “None” will also prevent Telegram from suggesting stickers when you use an emoji that matches it.

3. Disable animations

Disable animations on telegram mobile app

Settings > Chat Settings > Disable Animations

After disabling the replace emoji feature, you are going to disable animations within the Telegram app.

To do this, go to “Settings” on your Telegram app, and click on “Chat Settings”.
Scroll down, and toggle off the “Enable Animations” button.

Disabling animations on Telegram will prevent any form of moving stickers on emoji from disrupting your typing.


The emoji suggestion is a pop-up feature on Telegram that suggests emojis that relate to some of the texts you are typing in the chat or message box.

Aside from suggesting emoji(s), Telegram also suggests stickers and Gifs while you are typing a text; it almost works like the auto-complete feature on your keyboard.

In as much as the emoji suggestion feature on Telegram is there to make typing easier for the user, most users do not enjoy seeing them pop up.

In this guide, you will see all the simple ways that you can stop getting emoji suggestions on Telegram.

Although there are no permanent fixes, they can serve you till Telegram developers finally decide to add a feature for permanently disabling emoji suggestions while typing a text that triggers an emoji or sticker.

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