How To Turn On Notifications For A Specific Channel On Discord

How To Turn On Notifications For A Specific Channel On Discord

Do you find Discord server notifications annoying and you want to learn how to turn on only notifications for specific channels?

If yes, continue reading to find out how you can do that with this guide.

When you join Discord for the first time, all the notifications and push notifications are automatically turned on.

Even though that may seem like a good thing, you may find out that as time goes on, those notifications can get annoying, the constant pings and all.

The good news is that you can turn off these server notifications, you can even turn on notifications for specific channels on a server so that you won’t miss important updates.

If you turn on notifications for specific channels on a Discord server, you only get notified of updates in that channel, every other channel notification will not be shown to you.

In this guide, you will learn how to turn on notifications for specific channels on a Discord server, and more.

How to Turn On Notifications For Specific Channels On A Discord Server

The first step to turning on notifications for specific channels on a Discord server is to turn on your Discord app’s general notifications.

After doing that, you can get started with specific channels notify.

Let’s get started.

1. Turn on Discord app notifications

How to turn on notifications for Discord on Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Discord notifications enabled on Android

The first step is to go to the Discord app settings on your device.

To do this, go to “Notification Settings” of Discord on your device and make sure that the “Show notifications” option is enabled.

2. Mute channels you don’t need

Now open your Discord app and navigate to the server/channel you want to work on.

Tap and hold or right-click on the server icon and select “Notifications”.

Under “Server Notification Settings” choose”Nothing” this would stop all updates of that server from being shown to you.

3. Add the ‘specific’ channel to “Notification Overrides”

After choosing “Nothing” under “Server Notification Settings” head over to “Notification Overrides” to add the channels you want to be seeing their notifications in the future.

How to add the 'specific' channel to "Notification Overrides" on discord

Click or tap on the “+” and then from the list of channels in the server, you can then select which channels can override the settings in step 3.

4. Configure notification appearance

In this last step, you are going to learn how you can configure the type of notifications you are going to be getting from the ‘specific’ channel.

The option to do this would be shown to you immediately after you have selected the channel you want on.

Here you can configure the channel to notify you of all the messages sent to this server or only messages that mention your username.


If you want to enable notifications for a particular channel on Discord, you can follow the steps in this guide.

You can do this by first enabling the general in-app notifications of your Discord app, followed by muting all the channels you don’t need their notifications on, and lastly adding the particular channel(s) to “Notification Overrides”.

Once you are done with that you can then configure how you want those notifications you have turned on to appear on your device.

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