How To Find Your Phone Number On Samsung Galaxy

How To Find Your Phone Number On Samsung Galaxy

Have you been wondering how you can find your phone number on Samsung Galaxy smartphones?

Finding phone numbers on smartphones can be tricky and confusing.

Usually, the feature to look up phone numbers on Samsung can be found in the Settings app of any of the models.

Depending on the model of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone you are using the method to find phone numbers may vary.

Samsung Galaxy phones of the later models, models before S, A, J, and Note series may not have the option to see phone numbers, but keep reading because from the method we will show you, you will deduce if you need to ask your network provider for your phone number.

In this guide, you will be learning how to find your phone number on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

How to Find Your Phone Number on Samsung Galaxy

To find your phone number on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you need to go to the Settings app.

You can also use an online tool to detect your phone and have it shown to you on their website.

Another method is to make a contact with your service provider, they are occasionally eager to help in situations like this.

Here is how to find your phone number on Samsung Galaxy smartphones:

Method 1. Use “About phone”

Depending on the model of your Samsung Galaxy phone, go to the Settings app on your phone.

Scroll to the last option in the settings app “About phone” and tap on it.

Your phone number should be displayed just before the “Model number” or “IMEI”.

Method 2. Call someone that knows their phone number

This second method will require you to look for a friend that already knows their phone number, and call them with your phone.

This method will not cost you charges as your friend will not be picking up the call, you just have to give them a call enough to leave a missed call notification.

And with your phone number showing on their phone so you can copy or ask them to send you the number via WhatsApp or anywhere.

Method 3. Use an online tool to detect it

This method is similar to method 2, it may cost you extra phone charges but it is an alternative for people who don’t have friends.

Go to this link on any of the browsers on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

You will be asked to call a test phone number, the receiver will pick up briefly and hang up.

Then when you go to the website again after making the call, you should be able to see the number you were calling from.

Method 4. Contact your service provider for help

This method can only be used if the other 3 methods did not work for you.

To do this, look up the contact number or email of your network or service provider on Google.

After that, give them a call or send an email asking for your phone number(s); they usually respond fast depending on what time of the day you contact them.


It is important to know your phone number as you need to input it somewhere or even give it out to someone.

The Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the later models come with the option to find your phone number(s) in the Settings app, the how-to steps are in this guide.

However, if your Samsung Galaxy phone does not have this option, you can use these two methods we have also included in this guide.

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