How To Fix Chrome Automatically Reopening Closed Tabs

How To Fix Chrome Automatically Reopening Closed Tabs

Are you wondering how you can stop Chrome from automatically reopening already closed tabs on startup?

This can get frustrating especially when you have not used the tab anymore and you are sure you had closed the tab when you previously exited the browser.

This issue is not device-specific, Google Chrome mobile app users and the desktop version users have reported that they encounter this from time to time.

When we looked into it we discovered a lot of possible causes; the major one, we suspected to be due to a Chrome browser feature that needs to be turned off.

In this guide, you will learn how to stop the Google Chrome browser from automatically reopening already closed tabs.

Why Does Google Chrome Keep Auto Reopening Tabs From Previous Sessions?

There are a lot of reasons why Google Chrome keeps reopening closed tabs on its own, one of the reasons is you may have installed a conflicting extension or software on your browser.

Other reasons include that the version of the Chrome browser you are using may be outdated.

Or that you have accidentally enabled a setting on your browser that is conflicting with the tabs.

How To Fix Chrome Automatically Reopening Closed Tabs

To fix Google’s Chrome auto reopening already closed tabs, you need to scan for malware on your device using antivirus software.

You can also update or reinstall your Chrome app if the issue persists.

Other troubleshooting guides include: resetting Chrome browser settings to default, disabling and re-enabling extensions till you find the culprit, clearing browsing history plus cache data, and disabling “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

Step 1. Scan for malware

Malware can cause some apps to behave abnormally.

If your device has been infected you will notice that apps will behave unexpectedly and so on.

While this may not be your case, it is still good to check in case.

You can use the antivirus software already installed on your device to do this or use this one.

Step 2. Reset Chrome browser settings to defaults

Do you know that it is possible that a setting you have accidentally set on your Chrome app might be causing this auto-reopening tabs issue for you?

Yes, and to fix it you need to your Chrome app settings and select “Advanced”.

Click on “Reset and clean up” and then on “Restore settings to their original defaults”.

Save your changes and restart your Chrome browser.

Step 3. Check for conflicting browser extensions

Since browser extensions are third-party add-ons their settings might sometimes conflict with the way our browsers normally work.

Although not all browser extensions do this, that is why you can only fish out the culprit by disabling all active extensions.

And then slowly re-adding them while checking if your browser is working fine till you find the one causing the error.

Step 4. Disable “Use hardware acceleration when available”

There is a setting on your Chrome app called “Use hardware acceleration when available” that once enabled increases its performance.

However, issues are prone to come up especially if you have been using the feature for a while as enabling the feature allows permits Chrome to use your device’s GPU.

And if anything goes wrong with the GPU on your device, it will affect all the apps that are connected to it.

To disable “Use hardware acceleration when available” on the Google Chrome app, go to Chrome settings, and click on “Advanced,”.

Find the “System” section, turn off the “Use hardware acceleration when available” and confirm your change, and then restart Chrome.

Step 5. Update your Chrome browser app

This step is optional as you may have already updated your Chrome app before this reopening of already closed tabs error.

But if you haven’t, you can do so on the app store on your device.

Step 6. Clear browsing history and cache

Depending on your device, start by clearing the Chrome app cache data.

You can clear the cache on your PC by going to “Settings”, selecting “System” and then “Storage”.

Click on “Temporary files”, select the files you want to clear and choose “Remove files”.

For Android smartphone users, you can clear cache data on the Chrome app by going to the app info in settings, selecting “Storage” and then “Clear cache”.

After clearing the app’s cache data, proceed to clear your browsing history, cached images, cookies, and site data.


And that is how you can fix Chrome browser auto reopening already closed tabs.

In summary, to fix this you need to reset a few settings, update your Chrome app, clear cache data, and so on.

And you also have to follow all the steps listed in the guide one after the other except for the optional ones.

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