Why Is My YouTube Video Blurry? (& Easy Fix)

Why Is My YouTube Video Blurry?

Are you wondering why your YouTube video is blurry?

Or you just uploaded a video to YouTube and it isn’t in HD?

Or that the video you are watching on YouTube keeps buffering and at the end outputs a blurry video?

YouTube videos can be viewed in different qualities but it depends on the uploader; if they uploaded a video resolution of less than 720p, expect that quality or less when you are watching it.

And if you are a creator on YouTube, you just uploaded a video to your channel and it turns out not to have an HD quality, then something is wrong somewhere.

In this guide, you will learn why your YouTube video is blurry and how to fix it.

Why Is My YouTube Video Blurry?

There are a couple of reasons why your YouTube is blurry or not in HD plus constant buffering, but the two major reasons are:

Your internet is really slow; this causes buffering and also the blurry output.

The second reason is pre-selecting the wrong resolution to watch or upload the video in.

How To Fix Blurry or Non-HD Videos On YouTube

To fix blurry YouTube videos, you need to improve your internet connection and also pre-select to watch the video in high quality like 480p and above (the p stands for progressive scan).

Also, if you are a creator on YouTube, you can make sure that any video you upload to your channel is exported in HD quality, this has to be done pre-upload irrespective of YouTube’s HD and SD video processing features.

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Here is how to fix blurry videos on YouTube:

Method 1: Improve your internet connection

Since this is one of the major reasons why people experience blurry videos on YouTube irrespective of the quality they have pre-selected.

You might have even noticed that whenever you try to stream videos on any platform including YouTube the video will keep buffering.

You can improve your internet connection by switching to a better one, but first, you will need to test it with this tool.

This tool will show you how fast your internet is, anything below 40mbps cannot be okay for streaming videos.

If your internet turns out to be slow, you need to switch to a mobile hotspot, another Wi-Fi, or restart your router (this will free up space in your internet bandwidth).

Method 2: Pre-select a high-resolution for your video

Whether you are watching or uploading a YouTube video, you need to pre-select a good resolution for it like 480p and above.

But this can only work if you have a good internet connection, you can take another look at method 1 to learn how to.

As a creator, you must do this before you upload the video to your channel, during the exporting stage.

And if you are just trying to watch a video on YouTube, you need to choose to watch it in 480p+ resolution.

To pre-select a high resolution for your YouTube video, refresh the video page or close your YouTube app and open it again.

Select the video again, click on the Settings icon on the top-right corner of the video page; click on “Quality”.

Finally, click on “Advanced” and choose any quality from 480p upwards and that’s it.

Note that these settings will only be applied to the current video, you can set a custom quality for all the videos you will watch on YouTube in your account settings under “Video preferences”.


And that is how to fix blurry or non-HD YouTube videos, and why it is happening.

In summary, improving your internet and pre-selecting a high resolution for your video can help fix this issue and these are also why the issue happens.

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