How To Fix Can’t Add Reactions On Discord

How To Fix Can’t Add Reactions On Discord

Are you finding it difficult to add reactions to a text on Discord?

One of the major problems that Discord users experience when using the platform is not being able to add reactions to a message or media.

Even when there are reactions already on the message, they find it hard to add more reactions be it emojis or Nitro emotes.

Some of the users who have reported experiencing this issue have reported having also seen this error pop-up message “We appreciate the enthusiasm, but…Your reaction was not added because there are too many reactions to this message.” Along with not being able to add reactions.

Of course, there are a lot more reasons besides “too many reactions” why one would not be able to add reactions to a message on Discord, this is what you will find out in this guide; plus what to do when you cannot add reactions to Discord, and how to fix it.

Why Can’t I Add Reactions on Discord?

As mentioned, there are a lot more reasons why one would not be able to add reactions to messages on Discord.

The major reasons are as follows but are not limited to: 

  • Slow internet connection, 
  • There is a reaction limit on the message, 
  • Reactions have been blocked on the message, or 
  • The person that wrote the message has blocked you.

A slow internet connection is one of the chief causes of not being able to add reactions to a message on Discord, if your internet speed is below 30Mbps then it is only natural that some features on Discord would not work as they normally would with a good internet connection.

Additionally, if the person that sent the message you want to react to has limited reactions, blocked you, or blocked reactions, there is no way you would be able to react to that message.

How to Fix Can’t Add Reactions to Discord Messages

Since we have already discussed the major causes of not being able to add reactions to Discord messages, it is time to learn how to fix this issue and what to do when seeing this error.

Note that if you own a server on Discord, you should know that there are settings to control how many reactions your server members can add to a message.

Additionally, in the absence of a slow internet connection, you should note that you can always increase a reaction but not add a new reaction to a message that has a reaction limit.

With that being said let’s discuss all the ways you can fix not being to add a reaction to a Discord message:

1. Check your router or modem

When your internet connection is bad, some features especially “reactions” on Discord will not function properly.

So if you are having problems adding or removing reactions from a message on Discord, check if your modem or router is plugged in properly and if the internet speed is normal (higher than 30Mbps), you can use this site for that.

2. Switch to a hotspot

If after checking your modem or router and you are still not able to add reactions to a message plus there is no popup message from Discord saying that you cannot add more reactions, then you need to consider other internet options.

“Other internet options” in this case is a hotspot connection; to do this, ask a friend that you are sure has a good internet connection to share their internet with you.

Once they do that, you can go ahead and try to add a reaction to that message on Discord, however, if this doesn’t work, you should move on to the next fixes.

3. Maybe you have been blocked

As we have mentioned, you will not be able to react to a message if the sender has blocked you.

To check if you have been blocked by the author of the message on Discord, try following them or sending them a private message; if you are not able to do any of these then they have blocked you.

So in the case, that you have been blocked by the sender of the message, you can ask them to unblock you if you can reach them on any other social media platform.

If not, you can just forget about it, you would get other chances to react to a message on Discord at least you can’t be blocked by everybody, right?

4. Ask the sender to increase the limit

In the case where you were not blocked by the sender, you can always ask the message creator to increase the reaction limit on that particular message.

You have to do this as politely as you can, however, it doesn’t always work as most Discord users tend to limit reactions to their messages to reduce spam.

5. The reactions may have been limited by Discord

This is common on Discord servers, every server on Discord has a limit of reaction per message depending on the age and level of the server.

For a server that has a level of 1 or less, the limit is 50 reactions per message and anything higher than 50 usually triggers this pop-up message from Discord:

Reaction limit pop up on discord

The only way to fix and bypass this is to boost the server to increase its level, this is not free though.

6. You have been rate limited

When you are rate limited on Discord, you may not be able to add reactions or do some other things.

The rate limit doesn’t last for long and the only way to fix it is to wait it out, usually 6-10 minutes.

After the waiting time, you can go ahead and try adding a reaction again.

7. Reopen the Discord app

This works exactly like restarting or rebooting a computer, it helps clear any cache data build that may be hindering you from adding reactions to a message on Discord.

To do this, just close the app and then open it again; wait for “Connecting” on the top to disappear, and then try adding a reaction to the message.

8. Send a complaint to Discord support

If you have tried all of the fixes in this guide and you are still not able to add reactions to a message on Discord; you are also sure that all of the above-stated conditions do not apply to you then you can send a message to tech support on Discord.

To do this, go to their official support website here and type in your complaint (be as specific as possible), send it, and wait for their reply; usually in 24 hours.


There are many reasons why you might not be able to add reactions to a message on Discord.

If you face the error you can solve it in many ways like improving your internet, clearing cache data build, checking if the sending has blocked you, and many more.

Other things like contacting tech support, and switching to hotspot are known to also work well.

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