How To Fix Not Being Able To Restore A Cracked Skill On Duolingo

Fix Duolingo won’t let me restore a cracked skill

Q: Help! Duolingo won’t let me restore a cracked skill.

Are you have the issue of not being able to restore a cracked skill on the Duolingo language app?

This is a common server glitch on Duolingo and you will notice that this error usually comes with a pop-up message.

This glitch can happen on any device and there are many ways to fix it.

In this guide, you learn how to fix not being able to restore cracked or broken skills on Duolingo, how many skills can be broken in a day, and how to make a gold tree on Duolingo.

How to Fix Not Being Able To Restore a Cracked Skill on Duolingo

To fix not being able to fix or restore broken or cracked skills glitch on Duolingo, you will need to fix things from your end as a user.

After that you may need to check for updates, force close the Duolingo app, or in a very rare case report to Duolingo support.

1. Check for updates.

2. Force-close the Duolingo app and restart it.

3. Submit a bug report.

1. Check for updates

One of the major causes of glitches in apps is using an outdated version.

If you go to your App Store or Google Play Store on your phone, you can check if the Duolingo app is up to date.

If it is not, you will have to install the new update as every new update of any app usually solves at least one bug or glitch.

2. Force-close the Duolingo app and restart it

Once you have updated your Duolingo app through your Google Play Store or App Store, force-close the app.

To do this, navigate to the task manager on your phone (where you see the list of the currently open apps on your phone) and swipe up to close the Duolingo app.

Restart the app after 3 seconds and you will be able to restore the cracked skills this time.

On PC, you can just restart your browser.

3. Submit a bug report

If you have tried all of the above methods and you are still not able to restore cracked skills on the Duolingo account.

You may need to submit a bug report to Duolingo support because it means that the error is from their end.

How Many Skills Can Be Broken In a Day on Duolingo?

There isn’t a specific number but up to 10 skills can be broken in a day on Duolingo.

However, the number of skills that are broken or cracked in a day on Duolingo depends on the user, and how many skills they are learning at a time.

How Can I Make A Gold Tree On Duolingo?

A gold tree on Duolingo is when all your skills are finished or completed and are all gold.

To make a gold tree on Duolingo, you have to complete all the skills in the course to level 5, and none of the skills(AKA eggs)are cracked (Decaying tree).

And to make a gold tree on Duolingo stay gold, you have to be consistent with your learning by doing at least 3 to 4 lessons daily.

Note: Getting a gold tree on Duolingo has nothing to do with your rank on the Duolingo leaderboard.

How Do I Get A Golden Owl On Duolingo?

To get a golden owl on Duolingo, you must have all the skills in a course to at least the first crown level.

It usually takes about 60 days to get a golden owl on Duolingo.


Not being able to restore skills (also called eggs) can s-u-c-k, especially if you want to maintain a “healthy” gold tree.

However, since Duolingo is one of the most used apps in the world, so you wouldn’t be surprised when glitches like not being able to restore skills occur because of high traffic.

The most common way to fix this glitch is to update your app to the latest version and restart your Duolingo app.

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