How To Fix Not Being Able To Download Files On Slack? (Easy Fixes!)

Fix slack not downloading files

Is Slack not downloading your files?

Slack is an instant messaging platform that was developed mainly for professional and organizational communications that was created by Slack Technologies in 2013.

Lots of people have chosen to use Slack as the ultimate work communication tool because it helps to improve the flow of work and in dealing with everyday tedious work tasks. 

However, it can get rather annoying when you also have to deal with impromptu issues regarding how Slack operates, like file download errors.

Even though this is not an issue that happens often, it does arise once in a while it is best to have a way to rectify it as soon as you can.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix Slack not being able to download files, and why it happens.

How To Fix Slack Not Downloading Files 

Uploading and sharing files through the Slack app is very good for gathering relevant information on the work of a team that is in progress.

This is why fixing any issues with downloading files on the app as fast as you can to avoid missing out on your team’s activities and also keep a good flow of discussion.

Here is how to fix Slack not downloading files:

Fix 1: Change the default download location of the app

First of all, open your Slack on your PC and click on the profile picture icon.

Next, click on “Preferences” and then select “Advanced” and “Download Location”.

Click on the button that says “Change” and there you can proceed to change your default download location.

Optionally, if you make use of the Slack web version, adjusting your browser settings is what you would need to do to change your download location.

But make sure that you are using a good internet browser like Google Chrome for this procedure.

To change your Slack download location on a web browser, log into your Slack account on the website, and then click the three dots at the top-right corner of your screen.

Next, select “Settings” and click on “Downloads” and on “Location”; you should see a “Change” option click on it, and change the default download location to a new one.

After doing this, your new downloads from Slack will now be saved in the new location you have chosen.

Fix 2: Check your internet speed

A good download speed is required to download files on Slack, this is also good for streaming videos, playing games, receiving texts, and so on.

Go to on any device to check and test your internet speed connection.

If your result was anything below 50Mbps then you need to switch to a better one or use a mobile data plan like this one*.

Or you can close all open tabs that are not currently being used except Slack’s so that they don’t interfere with your connection then try to download your files again. 

Additionally, you can power-cycle your router and modem.

This is very effective in speeding up your internet connection; you can do this by unplugging your router and modem from the power outlet and plugging them back in after a few seconds.

Fix 3: Reset your browser privacy settings

This is for those using the Slack web version and are unable to download multiple files or even make any downloads at all, there is a chance that some of your browser settings are blocking your downloads.

To reset privacy settings on a web browser, launch your desired browser app, click on the three dots at the top-right corner, and select “Settings”.

After that, select “Privacy and Security” on “Site Settings” and then select “Automatic Downloads”.

Next, add Slack to the “Allowed sites” list or the “Sites that can automatically download multiple files” list.


And that is how to fix not being able to download files on Slack instant messenger.

Issues like these that occur with Slack can easily be rectified sometimes, you can rid yourself of download issues by following the fixes listed above.

In summary, you can fix Slack refusing to download files by changing the default download location, improving your internet speed, or resetting your browser privacy settings.

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