How To Fix “File Cannot Be Empty” Error On Discord

How To Fix “File Cannot Be Empty” Error On Discord

Are you getting the “File cannot be empty” pop-up error message on Discord?

This error message usually appears when you try to upload a video or image to a server or friend on Discord, and the full message is “Upload Failed. File cannot be empty. Okay”.

Another notable thing about this error is that it is common among iOS users.

It shouldn’t be happening as it is very possible to share media files with other within the Discord platform.

So if you suddenly see this file cannot be empty error message whenever you try to send a picture or video to Discord, you will need to fix it fast to continue enjoying the app.

In this guide, you will learn all the troubleshooting methods to fix file cannot be empty error on Discord.

How to Fix File Cannot Be Empty Error On Discord

To fix file cannot be empty on Discord, you may have to clear cache data on your Discord.

You may also have to download a newer or older version of the Discord app on your device.

Other troubleshooting methods include logging out and in of your Discord account and re-granting permissions to Discord.

Here are all the methods you can use to fix the file cannot be empty error on Discord:

Method 1: Clear cache data on Discord

We cannot stress how important it is to always clear cache data on all app; most of the glitches that usually happens in some apps are majorly caused by build-up cache data.

Depending on your device, there are different ways to clear cache data on Discord, check fix 1 in this guide for how to do it on all devices.

Method 2: Download a newer or older version of the Discord app

If you have an updated Discord app installed on your device and you are still not able to upload images on the platform without getting the “File cannot be empty” error, you may need to download an older version of the app.

And the opposite should be done if you think you are using an older version of the Discord app.

To update your Discord app, go to the designated app store on your device, search for the Discord app, and select “Update” to install it on your device.

To download an older version of the Discord app on your device if you are using an Android, delete the Discord app you already have, go to this link, install it on your device, launch it, and log back in.

Method 3: Log out and log in to your Discord account

Another method that works for fixing the file cannot be empty upload error on Discord is to log out of your Discord app and log back in.

No one knows exactly why this method works but it does and we would be stingy not to share it with you.

Just make sure to write down your login details somewhere safe before logging out of your Discord account.

Method 4: Re-grant device permissions to Discord

Sometimes apps like Discord may malfunction due to issues with what it may have access to on the device.

Build-up cache data in the app is usually the major cause of this, they may mix up a lot of initially granted device permissions.

For Android, go to “App info”, tap on “Permissions”, and toggle off and on ‘Storage’ and ’Camera’ access.

For iPhone, go to “Settings”, scroll and select “Privacy”, tap on Discord, toggle off and on ‘Storage’, ‘Audio’, and ’Camera’ access.


From this, you can see how easy it is to fix not being able to upload images or videos to Discord.

The methods in this guide have been vetted properly before putting them out in public, so your Discord will be at risk of crashing if you try any of them.

If you made it to this part of this guide, please do share it with others as they may other Discord users that may be having this issue too.

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