How To Fix Amazon Prime Video “HIERARCHY_ERROR”

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video “HIERARCHY_ERROR"

Did you try to stream on Amazon Prime Video and you were hit with the “HIERARCHY_ERROR”?

This error is likely a technical one, you need to try a few troubleshooting steps.

These steps should be able to help you fix this error as soon as possible.

They include: restarting the Amazon Prime Video app, improving your internet connection, clearing cache data, removing conflicting browser extensions, and more.

In this guide, you will learn how you can fix the “HIERARCHY_ERROR” error message on Amazon Prime video.

Why Am I Getting HIERARCHY_ERROR on Amazon Prime Video?

HIERARCHY_ERROR on the Amazon Prime video streaming app is likely caused by technical issues.

On rare occasions, it might be that Prime video servers are down, you can always use this website to check.

Other times it could be that you are trying to use a VPN to watch a video that is not or has not been made available to viewers in your country.

But the majority of the time getting error messages like this is not cause for alarm; a simple troubleshooting here and there usually fixes it in no time.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video “HIERARCHY_ERROR”

To fix the “HIERARCHY_ERROR” error message on Amazon Prime Video, you can check if the movie or show you were streaming at the time of the error is available in your country.

If availability is not the problem, restarting the app usually helps.

You can also check if your internet is the cause of the problem.

Clearing the app’s cache data should be able to fix this issue too.

Other troubleshooting methods include updating your Amazon Prime video app, removing conflicting cables, browser extensions, or add-ons; and disabling VPNs.

Fix 1: Remove conflicting add-ons

If you are streaming Amazon Prime on a computer, conflicting browser extensions or add-ons might be causing this error.

Although browser extensions are useful like this one, not all of them work well with some websites.

Removing them all and then re-adding them one after the other will help you figure out which is not compatible with Amazon Prime video.

Fix 2: Improve your internet speed

Apart from other factors that cause Amazon Prime “HIERARCHY_ERROR”, a slow internet connection is one of them.

And there have been some claims from Amazon Prime video users that switching to a different internet network fixed this error for them.

Fix 3: Disable VPN

One of the things streaming services frown on is their users watching videos with VPN.

We all love VPNs; the security and new identity it offers is one of them.

With a good VPN you can bypass almost any regional restrictions.

However, since streaming service owners depend on metrics to run their businesses, users using VPN might prevent them from getting accurate calculations.

So turning off your VPN before using the Amazon Prime video app is the best idea.

Here is how to go about it: close the Amazon Prime video app, turn off your VPN, follow fix 2 make sure your internet connection is fast.

Open the app again with your VPN still disabled, and the error should be fixed now.

Fix 4: Update the Prime video app

If fix 3 did not work out for you, then you will need to update your Amazon Prime app if you haven’t already.

Updating the apps on your devices regularly prevents them from unexpected malfunctions.

This is because app developers always aim to fix bugs and glitches with every app update they release on the app store.

To update the Amazon Prime video app, go to the designated App Store on your device, search for the Prime app, if there is an update available install it, and launch it to see if the error persists.

Fix 4: Clear cache data on the Prime video app

This fourth fix is especially for those who had already updated their Amazon Prime app and the HIERARCHY_ERROR is still preventing them from streaming.

Clearing the cache data of an app does almost the same job as updating the app; the difference is that you won’t be required to install anything.

To clear cache data on your Amazon Prime video app on an Android device, go to “Apps” in the Settings app.

Find the Prime video app, tap on “Storage” and then on “Clear cache”.

For iOS devices, removing the app from the task manager, and rebooting your device while it is charging is how you can clear an app’s cache data.

If you are making use of a computer, you can clear the cache on the Amazon Prime video app by closing the app and rebooting your device.

Fix 5: Waiting it out

If none of these fixes worked for you, you may need to wait for Amazon Prime video app devs to fix it through new app updates.

Alternatively, you can contact Amazon Prime tech support here, they’re usually ready to help with errors like this.


And that is how to fix “HIERARCHY_ERROR” on Amazon Prime video.

Improving your internet speed, clearing the app’s cache data, and updating the app, are some of the troubleshooting guides that might help you fix this error.

If you further go through this guide, you will find more troubleshooting guides and the link to contact Amazon Prime tech support for extra help.

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