How To Fix Not Being Able To Sign In On McDonald’s App

How To Fix Not Being Able To Sign In On McDonald's App

Have you been trying to log into your McDonald’s app and it’s not working?

McDonald’s is a fast food company founded in 1940 by Ray Kroc in SB, California, United States.

It is a multinational cooperation that has over 36,000 walk-in restaurants all over the world with over a third of them in the United States.

McDonald’s also has an official website* and a mobile app where customers can order food to be delivered to their doorsteps.

Just like most apps on the market, they sometimes misbehave; issues like not being able to log in to your account are no surprise.

In this guide, you will learn why you are unable to sign in on Macdonald’s app, and how to fix not being able to log in on Macdonald’s app.

Why Won’t McDonald’s App Let Me Sign In?

Macdonald’s app is not letting you sign in because their servers may be down.

Another reason is that you may have forgotten to verify your email address the first time you were creating an account.

More reasons include: trying to sign in using an unknown device, your account being compromised, using an outdated version of the app, bad internet, or even neglecting to clear the cache data of the app periodically.

How To Fix Not Being Able To Log In On McDonald’s App

To fix not being able to log into your Macdonald’s account through the app, you need to check if the issue is from your internet connection; it may be too slow for the app.

If you are trying to sign in with a new device, you need to check your email for any mail from McDonald’s trying to verify if you are the one assessing your account.

Other troubleshooting guides include clearing McDonald’s app cache data, updating the app if you haven’t already, changing your password, and contacting customer services.

Method 1: Check your internet connection

Whether you are using mobile data or a WiFi network, if it’s not fast enough it will affect the way an app runs.

Test your internet connection speed with this tool* or with other apps on your device.

If your internet is slow, you need to close your Mickey D’s app, switch to a faster one and open your McDonald’s app again to see if the issue persists.

Method 2: Verify it’s you trying to sign in

Usually, when some apps or websites do not recognize the device you are trying to sign into your account with, they will not let you in until you verify it’s you.

You can do this by checking your email for any mail from McDonald’s and following the instructions in it.

Method 3: Clear cache data on the app (Android)

Clearing the cache data of an app will help it run better on your device.

To do this, close the McDonald’s app if open already, and open the Settings app on your smartphone.

Find “Apps” in the Settings app, select the McDonald’s app, tap on “Storage” and then on “Clear cache”.

Method 4: Update the McDonald’s app

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store app on your smartphone.

Search for McDonald’s app using the search bar, check for any available updates, and install it.

Method 5: Change your password

If after trying out all the methods above and you are still not able to sign into your McDonald’s account via the mobile app, you need to change your password.

To do this, open the app and select “Forget Password”, and type in the email address associated with your account.

Check for any mail from McDonald’s and follow the instructions in it.

Method 6: Contact customer services

If you got to this point of this guide, it means that you are going to need more help.

So you will need to contact McDonald’s customer service, you can contact them here.


And that is how you can fix not being able to sign in on McDonald’s app.

In summary, you need to try out all of the methods till one or two of them fixes your issue.

However, you should focus on methods 1 to 5 before trying out method 6.

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