How To Fix NameDrop Not Working On iPhone

fix NameDrop not working on iPhone, iOS 17

NameDrop is a new feature on iOS devices that allows you to share your contact information with another iOS user just by bringing the two devices close together.

This new feature is currently available and integrated into the AirDrop feature of iOS 17.

It can be enabled on your iPhone by turning on the AirDrop in the Settings app under “General”.

We believe that NameDrop is an effective feature, but sometimes things like this can malfunction and stop working out of the blue.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix NameDrop not working on iPhone, iOS 17.

How To Fix NameDrop Not Working

To fix NameDrop not working on iPhone, you need to check if your iOS device has been updated to use iOS 17 which is the best software version for NameDrop.

You can make sure that when you want to use NameDrop that your Wi-Fi, AirDrop, and Bluetooth are turned on; you could try restarting your device.

1. Update your software to iOS 17

Before doing this, make sure that your iOS device is compatible to use iOS 17.

This is because some older iOS devices do not support iOS 17.

You should also make to backup your device to avoid losing important data in the process of this update.

Follow the steps in this article* to learn how to back up and update your iOS devices.

2. Turn on AirDrop, WiFi, and Bluetooth

These three settings are essential for NameDrop to work.

So you need to make sure they are all switched on before attempting to use NameDrop.

3. Restart your device

Minor glitches do occur when a device has been on and has actively been in use for a long time.

That is why restarting your device from time to time can help resolve those minor glitches.

It can also help resolve some software-related issues.


And that is how to troubleshoot NameDrop not working on iOS devices.

NameDrop is a way to share contact information from one iPhone to another or even to an Apple watch.

However, both devices have to be running on iOS 17, so you have to keep both devices updated.

This is because NameDrop hasn’t officially been released to all software versions yet, it is only available on the iOS 17 beta program.

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