Fix: “Error From ValidatePassword:2” On Steam

How to Fix “Error from Validate Password 2” On Steam

Are you getting “Error from ValidatePassword:2” on Steam mobile app?

Steam is a mobile app where game enthusiasts can buy gaming supplies and manage their Steam account in general.

This app makes it more convenient for anyone who is less interested in accessing the Steam website on a computer or a mobile browser.

However, some users have complained about an error they get whenever they change their password and try to log back into their account, almost like Steam has an issue with verifying the new password.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix “Error from ValidatePassword:2” on Steam mobile app, and why it happens.

Why Am I Getting an Error from Validate Password 2 On Steam?

What the error looks like

This error usually happens after you change your password on Steam and try to log in with it on the mobile app.

And you are getting the error from validate password 2 on Steam because the internal servers ran into some problems trying to verify your new password.

This is because changing your password on Steam can affect Steam Guard which is the additional level of security on your Steam account.

How to Fix Error from Validate Password 2 On Steam

To fix the error from validate password 2 on your Steam account, you need to re-verify your account again on Steam Guard.

You can also try reinstalling the Steam app on your smartphone; doing this might help you clear some cache data.

Here is how to fix the error from validate password 2 on the Steam app:

1. Re-verify you’re your account on Steam Guard

Re-verifying your Steam account on Steam Guard will make the process of identifying that you are the one trying to sign in with a new password faster.

To do this, open the Steam app, and tap on the Steam Guard icon just at the bottom of your screen.

Next, select your account, and tap on “Add an account”; Log into your account with your new details, and select “Move Authenticator”.

Enter any code that was sent to your device by Steam and verify it, make sure you don’t lose the code; after that tap on “Done” and you have re-verified your account and the error should be gone this time.

2. Reinstall the Steam mobile app

Another fix you can try to fix the error from validate password 2 on Steam, is to reinstall the app on your device.

Doing this will help fix some caching issues; but before you do this, write down your login details somewhere you can remember them later and the code you got from fix 1.

To reinstall Steam app on your device, you need to uninstall the current app and then go to your App Store and reinstall it.

After that, launch the Steam app and try logging in again with your details, and the verification code if prompted.

3. Contact Steam support

If the first two fixes did not work for you, contact customer service at Steam might help.

However, there is no guarantee that when you do that the error will be fixed but you should at least try.

You can contact Steam support here.


And that is how to fix the error from validate password 2 on Steam, what it means, and why it is happening.

In summary, you can fix this by re-verifying your account again on Steam Guard or reinstalling the Steam app.

In addition, contacting Steam support might help you further with this issue if none of the other fixes in this guide worked for you.

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