OnlyFans Won’t Let Me Submit My Credit Card (Quick Fix)

OnlyFans Won't Let Me Submit My Credit Card

Are you not able to submit your credit card to pay for a subscription on OnlyFans?

This error is usually with messages like: “You need to add another payment card” or “Transaction could not be processed”.

And being a subscription-based website, not being able to use your credit card for payments can be frustrating.

This is because there is no other way to pay for a subscription on the website as payment methods like gift cards and PayPal are not accepted.

So this is an error that should be taken seriously, and knowing the reason why it’s happening will make the fixing process easier; some of the major reasons are:

  • OnlyFans servers are down,
  • Your internet connection is slow,
  • Something might be wrong with your card,
  • Your account might be shadow-banned

In this guide, you will learn how to fix not being able to submit your credit card on OnlyFans, and why it happens.

How To Fix Not Being Able To Submit Your Card On OnlyFans

To fix not being able to add your credit card on OnlyFans, you need to check if their servers are down.

You will also need to wait a while and try adding your card details again.

Other troubleshooting guides include checking if you have any restrictions on your account or the card, switching to a prepaid visa card, and contacting OnlyFans tech support.

1. Check if OnlyFans servers are down

The first thing you need to do is to check if OnlyFans servers are down.

You can check it on this website; if it is you need to wait for about 24 hours to try the card payment again.

2. Try again later

Just like fix 1, this method will involve waiting for 39 minutes or more to add your credit card details again.

Just like how server downtime is, this card error might also be from the website, a minor system malfunction.

3. Switch cards or to a Visa Prepaid card

Apart from Mastercard, Discover, Visa credit cards, and Maestro debit card payments, OnlyFans also accept payments in Prepaid Visa cards.

So if you own a card like that you should try using it or try to get a different credit card altogether.

4. Check if for holds on your account

Sometimes rate limits or shadow bans can prevent you from performing certain activities on a website.

Usually, there is no way to know if you have fallen victim because OnlyFans will hardly notify you about them.

The best way to fix this if you suspect that you have been shadow-banned or rate limited on OnlyFans is to avoid creating new accounts (you will be caught) and to wait for 24 hours to use their services again.

5. Check for restrictions on your credit card

If fixes 1 to 4 above don’t apply to you and you are sure you have enough funds on the card then you might have a transaction hold on your credit card.

Plus if you are using a joint account with a parent, it is also possible there is a PG restriction on what you are allowed to pay for.

To fix this, you need to check for any missed emails from your bank regarding card payments or just contact your bank.

6. Improve your internet connection

When you are browsing the internet with a fast internet connection, you would that everything will be seamless compared to using a slow connection.

The chances of this card error happening on OnlyFans because of a slow internet connection is pretty much likely.

To fix this, test your internet with a picture app like Instagram or Twitter, if every load fine then your internet is not the problem; if not switch to mobile data or a hotspot.

7. Contact OnlyFans tech support

The last fix is to contact OnlyFans tech support that is if you have tried everything else we have listed in this guide.

Which means that the error is not from your end.

You can contact them via their website or email, and explain in simple words about your issue; you should get a response in 2 to 3 working days.


And that is how you can fix not being able to add card details on OnlyFans.

The error with the card payments on OnlyFans is mostly caused by ya a slow internet connection, restrictions,  or server downtime.

In summary, you need to check if OnlyFans servers are down, wait for a while and try adding your card again, check for account or card restrictions, or contact tech support.

The fixes in this guide should be tried one after the other until you fix the error.

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