How To Fix Quick Share Not Working On Samsung Galaxy (Easy Guide!)

Fix Quick Share Not Working on Samsung

Fix Quick Share Not Working on Samsung

Is the Quick Share option on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone not working? 

Quick share is one of the features that come with the newer Samsung smartphone models, it allows users to share videos, documents, links, pictures, and other items from one device to another. 

It comes in handy when you want to quickly share different things at the same time like videos and pictures and so on, and it works rather quickly hence the name; very similar to Apple’s Airdrop feature.

However, even with how quick and handy this feature is it is not exactly flawless, just like everything else tech related there comes a time when it does not function well or it does not function at all.

The case of Samsung’s Quick Share not working is something some users have been complaining about for a while and if you are one of them and want to know how to fix this problem, you can keep reading this guide to learn more.

How to Fix Quick Share Not Working on Samsung

This issue can be really disturbing especially when you are trying to send a video, picture, or document urgently from your Samsung device and it keeps failing to send. 

But before you conclude, you have to make sure that both devices are compatible with Quick Share because it only works on Samsung devices that run on Android 10 and above.

Moving on, follow the steps below to fix the issue with your Quick Share on your Samsung Galaxy:

Fix 1: Disable VPN

If you are the type who makes use of VPN a lot it is best to turn it off before making use of Quick Share.

This is because VPNs can disrupt the connection of your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which are both essential to quick share working effectively.

Fix 2: Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

To effectively use Quick Share, you have to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices you intend to transfer files between.

And make sure to keep them on for as long as you want to use the feature two settings are very essential to make quick share work on both Samsung devices.

Fix 3: Check the visibility of Quick Share

Keeping the visibility settings of Quick Share is very essential to it working effectively.

If the visibility is not turned on it won’t work; so, you have to check visibility settings and turn it on and remember that you have to do this for both devices.

Because if it is off on just one device then the other won’t be able to find and connect to it.

Fix 4: Restart your device

One of the easiest ways to fix issues like this is to restart your device.

Doing this will fix temporary glitches and bugs on your device which might affect Quick Share from making its connection.

To restart your device, press and hold the power button on your device for a few seconds till you see the option to restart.

Fix 5: Update Quick Share

Many users do not know they can update Quick Share, which should be done periodically.

And not doing so can cause issues of compatibility with your Samsung device.

So always check for the latest version of Quick Share and update it on both devices if need be; you can find the option to do this on Galaxy Store.

Fix 6: Update your Samsung software

This feature is often overlooked by many users because most Android devices would never make it seem necessary to update the phone software.

But phone software being up to date ensures smooth operation of the phone. 

Old software causes a bunch of issues that affeaffect appspspsssome features in this case Quick Share.


And that is how to fix Quick Share not working on Samsung Galaxy devices.

There are a whole lot of reasons why quick share might not be working smoothly on your Samsung device, like outdated Samsung software, outdated quick share software, glitches and bugs, and so on. 

But you should not be bothered as these fixes listed above would help to fix the issue without the need to go to a professional or contact Samsung support.

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