How To Fix Romance Options Vanishing In Sims 4

How To Fix Romance Options Vanishing In Sims 4

Are you having issues viewing the romance options on Sims 4?

Or the romance social interaction is not showing up or just vanished?

Sims 4 is a free-to-play life simulation video game that is available now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation that allows you to create unique characters that can do almost anything humans can. 

The romance option on Sims 4 allows you to play out normal human relations using the characters that you have created in the video game, but when the romance option is missing it sort of beats the purpose. 

However, if you are an avid Sims player, you would know that is just a technical issue that can be fixed in the simplest of ways, you just have to know what to do.

Actions as simple as changing mods or restarting the game have been reported to have rectified this romance options vanishing on Sims 4.

In this guide, you will learn how you can fix the romance option not showing or missing on the Sims 4 video game.

How to Fix Romance Options Vanishing In Sims 4

Since Sims 4 became free to play video game on October, 18th 2022. A lot of gamers have started to lean towards the life simulation game.

This is not to say that Sims 4 is the only free-to-play video game on the market, there are plenty of free-to-play games on the market.

Moving on, without the romance social interaction option you will not be able to activate romantic interactions amongst characters that you have created.

Actions like falling in love, flirting, dating, marriage, and proposing amongst your characters will not be possible as you would not be able to activate it or get rewards from them if the romance option is missing or has vanished.

Here are some of the different methods that can be used to fix the romance option missing in Sims 4:

Method 1: Restarting the game

To restart Sims 4, simply leave the game as you normally would and then launch it again.

Make sure to create a backup before you do this by saving a copy of the Sims 4 server on your computer so as not to lose your game progress.

Method 2: Remove CC and mods

CC on Sims 4 means custom content and you can remove them by deleting the Sims 4 folder from your PC, the same goes for mods.

Once you have done this, you can launch the game again to see if you can now see the romance option.

Method 3: Reset Sims

To reset Sims 4, go to my Documents on your computer, find and delete the “Sims 4” folder.

Next, go to the “Recycle Bin” folder and delete that same Sims 4 folder from the bin too, restart your computer and launch the game again.

Method 4: Repair the game through Origin

To repair Sims 4 through Origin, close the game and restart your computer, log in to on your computer and navigate to “My Game Library”.

Locate the Sims 4 game and right-click on it and click on “Repair”, wait for a few seconds and then launch the Sims 4 again.

Note: make sure to back up your files in a new folder before you attempt this method.

Method 5: Move Sims in and out

Some players have reported that moving a Sims character from their current household to a new one has been able to fix the missing romance option error on their end.

Here is how to move a Sims character in and out of a household:

1. Click on the “ESC” button to bring up a list of options, and click on “Manage Worlds”.

2. Next, click on the home of the Sims you want to move out, click the 3 dots, and then select “Manage Households” and a new page will appear.

3. Now, select “Transfer Sims Between Households”, and choose the Sims character you want to move out.

5. Select the household you want the Sim(s) to live in and click on “Ok”.

To move the Sims character back in, simply follow the steps above.

Method 6: Delete Sims 4 cache files 

Deleting cache files on video games can help reduce the time it takes for the game to launch at times.

The same effect goes for deleting cache files on the Sims 4 game, it can restore the missing romance social interaction option.

To delete cache files on Sims 4, leave the game and navigate to your Documents folder on your computer and open the Sims 4 folder.

Open the Cache folder and delete everything in it except “FileCache.cfg”.

Finally, go back to the Sims 4 folder and delete the localthumbcahe folder, go back and launch the game again, this time it should be working fine.


That is all you need to know concerning how to fix the romance social interaction option missing or vanishing on the Sims 4 video game.

As you have seen, there is no specific fix for this error, you have to try all the methods one after the other until you find the method that works best for you.

The most important thing is that all the methods in this guide have worked for a lot of players and they should for you if you follow the steps correctly.

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