5 Ways To Fix Not Being Able To Add To Bookmarks On Twitter

Fix Twitter Not Letting You Add Bookmarks

Are you faced with the dilemma of not being able to add your favorite tweets to your bookmark list on Twitter?

Errors or bugs like this happen from time to time on busy platforms like this.

The cause is not exactly specific but it can be fixed if you have the patience to troubleshoot the error.

Bookmark is a feature on Twitter that allows you to save tweets so that you can get back to them later.

This feature is free to use and so is Twitter, and you can save as many tweets as you want in your bookmarks.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix not being able to add tweets to Twitter bookmarks, and more.

How to Fix Not Being Able to Add Tweets to Bookmarks on Twitter

If Twitter won’t let you add to your bookmark, the first step to fixing it is to find out the cause if you can; it’s okay if you can’t.

Most of the time, this error may be related to update issues, bad internet, overloaded cache data, or even account penalties.

However, if you cannot identify the exact cause of Twitter not letting you add to bookmarks, you can always try following the fixes below.

Here are 5 ways to fix Twitter not letting you add tweets to bookmarks:

1. Check for updates

If you have noticed using outdated apps increase the chances of bugs and glitches like this.

This is why it is always important to check for new updates of your favorite apps from time to time.

To do this, check the App Store on your device, look up the app in the search box, and then install the latest available version of the app; in this case Twitter.

2. Improve your internet

A bad internet connection can be another cause of Twitter not letting you add to bookmarks.

Firstly, test your internet on other apps or websites to see if it works; if yes, proceed to method 3.

If it didn’t, check for abnormalities with your modem, mobile data, or router connection or better still switch to a better internet or hotspot.

3. Clear overloaded cache data

Clearing cache data is usually a good and quick fix for app bugs and it is very easy to execute, with no need for special skills.

If fixing your internet connections did not help with the bookmark issue on Twitter, try clearing the overloaded cache data on your device.

For Android, navigate to the app information under “Apps” in “Settings” and then tap on “Storage” and then on “Clear cache”.

On iOS and Windows, force-closing the app or restarting your device usually clears the cache, at least partially, but it helps.

4. Turn off VPN

Using a VPN on some websites can help improve your overall privacy, but not all websites work well with their users masking their location and IP addresses.

Although there was a time it was okay to use a VPN with Twitter; the Nigeria Twitter ban period.

Now using VPN triggers ban bots, and makes you look suspicious and somehow some features may be limited to you.

So turning off your VPN may help fix this bookmarking issue on Twitter, it worked for a few users too.

5. Check for account holds

If your account has been placed on hold then you may have been suspended, or even shadow-banned.

And with holds like this, you may not be able to use some features on Twitter, in this case using bookmarks.

The only solution to lifting holds like this is to appeal to Twitter followed by waiting it out.


One of the best things that have happened to Twitter since Elon Musk is the bookmarking feature.

This feature allows you to save tweets you might want to get back to for later; it works like adding items to your wish list on Amazon.

And of course, this feature is free to use and there aren’t any limits to the number of tweets you can add to bookmark on Twitter.

However, if you are not able to add tweets to bookmarks on Twitter, you can use one or all of the 5 ways explained in this guide to fix this error.

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