How To Fix Ultra Rare Error On Discord

How To Fix Ultra Rare Error On Discord

Are you getting the ultra-rare error on Discord?

Do you usually get this error when you want to sign into your Discord account or perform other actions on the site or app?

The full message is: “Oops! You’ve caught an ultra-rare error. This is probably our fault, so please try again or check our status page.”

And yes a good percentage of Discord users have seen this error message at least once.

Glitches like this happen from time to time on Discord and even similar apps, even when the app has just been updated.

Other than that, Discord is a great communication app that makes it easier to share, stream and interact with people all over the world.

So once we start getting errors like the ultra rare error, you don’t need to be surprised because a popular app like that, used by half of the world tends to come up with in-app issues from time to time.

In this guide, you will see why the ultra-rare error occurs on Discord and how to fix it.

What Is The Ultra Rare Error On Discord?

The Discord ultra rare error is a red message that comes up when you try to sign into your Discord account or in some rare cases when you do other random things on the app.

Seeing the red ultra rare error message shows that the action you are trying to perform cannot work at that time, however you may try again later.

This error could occur for a lot of reasons, but an unstable internet or service connection is usually the first suspect followed by cache data.

If you have noticed the ultra rare error many times, you have to get it fixed as soon as you can as any attempt to keep trying the ‘action’ might trigger the Discord ban bot.

How to Fix Ultra Rare Error on Discord

To fix this ultra-rare error on Discord, you will need to clear the cache, reinstall the app, or improve your internet connectivity.

Although on some rare occasions, updating the Discord app, has been able to fix this issue completely for some users.

Let’s get started.

  • Reinstall Discord on your device,
  • Clear cache data, and
  • Improve your internet.

1. Reinstall Discord on your device

The ultra rare error usually goes away on its own, but some users have reported seeing it multiple times in one day.

If you are one of them, the first step to fixing it is to reinstall the Discord app on your device.

However, before you do this make sure that your login details are written down somewhere you can remember so it would be easy for you to log back into your account once you have installed back the app.

2. Clear cache data

Clearing cache is the Holy Grail of fixing most social media app issues; with the number of errors clearing cache data has solved, not including it as a step in this guide would be wrong.

There are different ways to clear cache data, it depends on your device and since Discord is commonly used on phones, PCs, and iPad; we are going to cover all of them.


If you are using Discord on Android, go to the “Settings app” and select “Apps”, find and tap on the Discord app.

Next, tap on “Storage” and then on “Clear cache”


To clear Discord’s app cache data on iOS devices, uninstall the app and then install it back; have your login details written down somewhere else.


For PC users (windows), click on the search box and type in “%appdata%” without the quotes, and press the “Enter” key.

Find the Discord folder and then delete everything in the “Cache” folder.

3. Improve your internet

Since one of the few major causes of the ultra-rare error on Discord is a bad internet connection, improving the stability of your internet may stop this error from happening again.

The first step is to check the speed of your internet here, then if it is below 30Mbps then you may need to switch to a better Wi-Fi or go to a location that has better service coverage.


If you are getting the ultra rare error message on Discord, especially on the mobile app, you are not alone.

A lot of users have been looking for a solution to this error since it stops them from performing simple activities on the app especially signing in or even trying to pay for Nitro.

This guide will teach you what the ultra rare error on Discord means, how to avoid it and how to fix it.

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