How To Fix “User Not Found” Error on Instagram

So you clicked on an Instagram profile link and you were met with this error message: “user not found”

Do you want to know how you can fix ‘user not found’ on Instagram without making use of any third party tool?

The only way you can fix “user not found” on Instagram is to either ask the person for their Instagram username or search their full name on Google assuming the person is a celebrity.

Another way is to look the user up with another Instagram account.

This is because they may have blocked you and you will need to be sure before you can procceed to the other helpful tips in this post…

What Does ‘User Not Found’ Error Mean On Instagram?

Seeing the ‘user not found’ message on Instagram can mean anything depending on the reasons.

The message usually looks something like this:

fix "user not found" on Instagram

But, still there are various reasons why you would get that message on Instagram and they include:

  1. The user changed their username
  2. They temporarily deactivated their Instagram account
  3. They got banned or suspended from Instagram
  4. You clicked on the wrong user
  5. The username does not exist on Instagram
  6. The user blocked you
  7. Your internet connectivity

1. The User Changed Their Username

This mostly happens when we visit Instagram profiles using links from other platforms and sometimes creators especially the ones on YouTube forget to update their profiles when they change their username on Instagram.

So your best bet to fixing this is to asking the owner of the page for the correct username, and that sometimes fixes it.

2. The User Temporarily Deactivated Their Instagram Account

This is regular thing for users on Instagram, I have done it many times myself.

If someone have personally deactivated their Instagram account, when you search for them you won’t find them on Instagram.

To fix, you can make enquiries from them to be sure, that is if you know them personally.

If it’s in the case where the owner of the Instagram is a celeb, you will probably see it on the news in no time.

3. The Username Does Not Exist On Instagram

This is the same as the owner of the Instagram changed their username but, for the sake of clarity and a good quality post, I want to touch the topic one more time.

Typing or clicking on an incorrect username’s link will lead to user not found on Instagram, so verify if you have the correct username and try again.

4. They Have Been Banned Or Suspended On Instagram

One of the major causes of user not found on Instagram is usually the case of a suspended Instagram account or profile.

Initially, you might even see a profile picture on their page which might confuse you.

It only means that Instagram have just freshly banned/suspended them and you will notice that when you come back to their page again, the profile picture will disappear.

5. They Blocked You On Instagram

One other reasons for user not found on Instagram is if the user blocked you. It’s a shocker right?

While you may not be sure, your best best is to search them up with a burner account and if you see their account live and working, they blocked you.

6. Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, a slow internet connection can hinder an Instagram page from loading fully and thereby leads you to getting the ‘user not found’ error message.

To fix this, try finding a better location for a full internet coverage and refresh the page.

And if the profile is in good standing with the username correct and all.

It will load properly immediately you refresh the with a good internet connection.

What To Do When You See ‘User Not Found’ On Instagram

Once you see this message pop up on someone’s profile, you should do the following:

  • Contact the person if you know them personally, they may have deactivated their Instagram account themselves.
  • Search their full name on Google assuming the person is a celebrity, they might have changed their username or not even on Instagram.
  • If the account belongs to you, you can contact Instagram support to get back your account.

These are the only proven steps that have been know to help fix ‘user not found’ on Instagram.

‘User not found’ On Instagram But You Can Still See The Profile Picture

When you see “user not found” error on Instagram but you can still see their profile picture.

It means that the account in question has been suspended or banned newly by Instagram.

Profile pictures usually appear on newly (not up to 4 days) banned or suspended Instagram profiles.

That is why you will notice that the profile picture is gone when you check them after a week.

Can I Unblock Someone Who Has Blocked Me On Instagram User Not Found?

No, you cannot. There is no way that you can unblock an account that comes up with user not found error.

These accounts don’t exist on instagram so there is no way that you can unblock them even if you want to.

If the account was suspended, banned or temporarily deactivated, and you are sure that you have the correct username.

Then this means that you’ll need to wait until their account live so you can visit their profile again and block them if you want to.

Can I Remove An Email Account From Instagram User Not Found?

There is no way you can remove an email account from Instagram user not found.

Your account does not exist on Instagram, so it not possible.

Except if the account belongs to you and you deactivated it yourself, you can reactivate it and change your email and you can deactivate it after you are done.

If the account is not yours, there is no way you can change the email associated with the Instagram account.

Instagram User Not Found In Google Search

If you typed in a full name on Google hoping to see their Instagram profile and you did not.

It can mean that they are not on Instagram at all or they are not recognized by Google search engine.

But, if you are sure that the person (Ex. JayZ) is popular enough to Google, then you best bet is that they don’t own an Instagram account.


Getting the popular Instagram user not found error can sometimes be confusing but that’s why this guide exists, to help you fix this issue.

This complete guide will help you fix “user not found” error on Instagram without relying on any third party tool.

As they often put your account at risk and this is my way of saying that the steps in this guide are safe to follow.

If the steps in this post worked for you, comment below and also, check out this social media tips dedicated category too!

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