10 Ways To Troubleshoot If Your Discord Server’s “Verify Member” Button Is Not Working

10 Ways To Troubleshoot If Your Discord Server's "Verify Member" Button Is Not Working

Are you experiencing issues with the new “Verify Member” button on your Discord server?

The “Verify Member” button was recently introduced to Discord sometime this year.

It is used to fully verify a member on a Discord server; can only be used by the Admins.

It is just like all the other features you can find on a Discord server, but this one has proven to be quite important as it sort of adds an extra layer of security to your server. Learn more.

However, just as this button is quite functional, it can malfunction occasionally due to lots of reasons.

You should be able to tell that the “Verify Member” button on Discord is not working when it fails to do its designated work just as we have explained above.

In this guide, you will learn 10 (Ten) ways that you can troubleshoot a faulty “Verify Member” button on a Discord server, and why it is happening.

Why Is The “Verify Member” Button Not Working On Discord?

The “Verify Member” button is not working on Discord because you may be using an outdated version of the app.

It could also be happening because you have a hold on your account like the popular “You’ve reached rate limit”.

Another reason is that Discord is down or that your phone number has been barred on Discord.

Or that the user you are trying to verify has two Discord accounts and one of them has already a verified member in your server.

10 Ways To Troubleshoot If Your Discord Server’s “Verify Member” Button Is Not Working

To fix the “Verify Member” button not working on Discord, you need to restart the device that you are trying to access your Discord server with.

You also need to check Downdetector to see if Discord is down.

Other troubleshooting guides include: logging out of your Discord account and logging in again, updating your Discord app, switching to a faster internet connection, clearing cache data from your Discord app, disabling VPN, and lastly contacting tech support.

1. Restart your device

The first thing you need to do is to restart your device.

And this device you would be restarting has to be the one you are trying to access Discord on.

To restart your device, you need to use the power button.

2. Check downdetector

When servers are down on a website, you would notice that lots of features will stop working as they normally would.

The same thing might be happening to Discord, hence the “Verify Member” button not working.

You can check Discord’s uptime status on downdetector.com

If their servers are down, your only solution would be to try the button again after 24 hours.

3. Log out and log in again

The third method is to log out of your Discord account.

Doing this will clear useless logged files that might be interfering with some features on the website.

To do this, log out of your Discord account, close the app or browser, open it again, and log back in.

4. Update your Discord app

If you are yet to update your Discord app and you are experiencing this issue then you really should fix it.

This does almost the same work as restarting your device but better.

To update your Discord app, go to your App Store or Google Play Store, search for “Discord”, and install any available update.

5. Improve your internet connection

If your internet connection is really slow, it is going to interfere with a lit of features on any app including Discord.

So you need to test how fast it is using this tool or on another app like Instagram or Netflix.

And if your internet connection is slow, you will need to switch to a faster one or use a mobile data plan.

6. Clear cache data on Discord (Android only)

We always advise our readers to occasionally clear cache data on their devices and apps.

Doing this helps relieve your apps and devices from unnecessary files that may end up lagging some features.

However, this sixth method is optional as you can’t really clear cache data on iPhone apps, you are going to need to reinstall the app.

To clear your Discord app’s cache data on Android, just tap on the app, tap on “App info”, select “Storage”, and then “Clear cache”.

7. Disable VPN

We all know how safe VPNs make us feel while surfing online.

However, not every website agrees with this, and this includes Discord.

If you had your VPN turned on while you were trying to use the “Verify Member” button on Discord, you need to turn it off and try again.

8. Check for account holds

As we mentioned above, when you have holds on your account on Discord you will not be to access some features.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may not even know that there is a hold on your account.

To check for account holds, look through your email for any mail from Discord, or try reacting to any message on your server to see if you have been rate limited.

If it turns out that you have had a hold on your Discord account all this while, you can remove it by waiting for 24 hours for everything to get back to normal.

9. Contact Discord’s tech support

The next troubleshooting tip is to contact Discord support.

Doing this will provide more help to you on this issue, or not.

It will only take filling out a form on their website and waiting for a reply from them and who knows they might be able to help you more than we did.

10. Waiting it out

Sometimes when some features don’t work on some apps, it may not be due to any reason in particular at least not the ones listed here.

It could be that Discord developers are testing out something on the app, or anything.

Usually in this case the best thing to do would be to wait for a few days and maybe everything would get back to normal.


And that is how you can troubleshoot the “Verify Member” button on a Discord server if it’s not working.

The “Verify Member” button functions as a bypass to filter the initial rule set up on your server for new members.

So it has sort of made verification on Discord servers faster and easier for everyone.

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