How To Get Your Referral Code On Temu

Get referral codes from temu

Are you looking for how to get referral codes on Temu?

Temu is an online marketplace similar to Aliexpress where you can buy and sell items on.

This marketplace was founded in 2022 by PDD Holdings and since then it has been growing in popularity.

Along the way, users can refer their friends to use Temu and in return, they earn real money, coupons, free shipment, or even a few selected items.

However, even with the exciting offers that come with sharing Temu referral codes, it can be hard to find them if you don’t know where to look.

In this guide, you will learn how to get your referral codes on Temu, and how to use them.

How To Get Your Referral Code On Temu

To get referral codes on Temu, you need to search for the following: Cash Reward, Redeem, or Lucky Flip on the search bar.

Yes, those are some of the games you can play on Temu; but that is one way you can gain access to a personal referral link or code.

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Another way to get referral codes on Temu is to go to the “You” tab on your account, tap on “Earn credits & Free gifts”, pick any offer, and follow the on-screen instructions for your code.

Method 1: Get your referral code using the search bar

If you have the Temu app installed on your device, log into your account.

Navigate to the search bar and search for either Cash Reward, Redeem, or Lucky Flip.

You will be automatically redirected to a somewhat different interface on the app that looks like any of these:

There you will see how to copy your referral link or code.

You can use Temu referral codes/links by copying to your clipboard and sharing them on any social media platform on your timeline or in private DMs.

Method: Find them in the “You” tab

For this method, you are going to install the Temu app on your device.

And if you haven’t already, you can install it from your App Store or Google Play Store.

Moving on, log into your Temu account on the app, tap on “You”

Scroll to “Earn credits & Free gifts” and select it; you should see a list of different offers next.

Select any of the offers, read the rules, and follow any instructions on the screen; you should also be able to see an option to copy and share your Temu referral code or link.

Note: you don’t have to renew your referral codes on Temu, one can be used by multiple users indefinitely.

Also, a referral code from a specific offer will only earn your rewards for that one offer not all the offers on Temu.


And that is how to get referral codes on Temu, and how to use them.

In summary, you can get them using the search bar or from the “Earn credits & Free gifts” tab on the official app.

However, make sure that when you are trying to get your reference code on Temu that you are not using VPN to avoid getting your account banned or losing your referral rewards.

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