How To Hide A Discord Server Without Leaving It

How To Hide A Discord Server Without Leaving It

Are you looking for a way to hide a Discord server from your sidebar without actually leaving it?

If yes, there are a lot of reasons why one would want to hide a Discord server that they are in, privacy is the most common example.

Apart from privacy, some users hate clusters and the distraction that comes from these servers.

And also an average Discord is usually in more than 20 servers at once, so you can imagine.

Discord already offers a lot of privacy to its users, however, if you want to increase that privacy by hiding the servers you are in from yours or the public eye, there are ways to do this.

In this guide, you will learn how to hide Discord servers from your sidebar on mobile and PC without leaving them, and other free Discord resources.

How to Hide a Discord Server without Leaving It

Hide discord servers

Here is how to hide Discord servers without leaving them:

1. Log into your Discord account.

2. Identify the servers you don’t want anymore but don’t want to leave.

3. Tap on the icon of the server and drag it over any other icon on your sidebar, this would automatically create a folder.

4. Now just drag all the servers you might not be needed for a long time into that folder you have just created and that is it!

The above steps are the only way you can hide a Discord server you do not want to leave on mobile or PC.

You can even decide to turn off their notifications too if you do not want to be receiving updates from the servers you have hidden.

Although there are a few browser extensions like this one for Google Chrome and this one; that can minimize Discord servers that are not in use into a small left sidebar, however, they do not completely hide the servers.

Will Leaving A Discord Server Remove Your Messages?

No, leaving a Discord server will not erase your messages. 

So after you leave a server all the messages you have sent there will remain intact and visible to other users and you if you watching from a burner account.

Additionally, deleting your Discord account will also not erase your messages including your private messages, you may have to delete them first manually or using this method.


Being in a lot of Discord servers is not above anyone but they can get distracting and clustery for some users.

You can hide them partially by using Discord folders or browser extension, you can even turn off their notifications so that you won’t get updates from the “hidden” servers.

That way you will focus on important servers, and curb clusters and distractions without actually leaving them.

However, keep in mind that you would still be able to see the first four server icons that you have added to the folder; so they are not really hidden but it still helps.

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