How To Fix Liked Songs Not Showing A Heart When Played On Spotify

How To Fix Liked Songs Not Showing A Heart When Played On Spotify 

Are songs that you liked on Spotify not showing a heart when you play them?

If yes, that means the like button on Spotify is not working, it may be due to a minor glitch or not, continue reading to learn how to fix it.

To like a song on Spotify, you need to tap on the heart next to the song; it is similar to Instagram likes.

Once you have liked a song on Spotify, it will automatically be added to a private playlist in “Your Library”, so that if you ever wish to listen to the song again, it would be easy to find.

This playlist is usually named “Liked”, it is only visible to you, and you cannot rename it.

If you want a custom playlist, you have to create a new playlist on your own and customize it exactly how you would like.

However, when the like button on Spotify is not working then no songs will be added to your “Liked” playlist.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix liked songs not showing a heart when played on Spotify, and why it happens.

Why Are Songs That I Have Liked On Spotify Not Showing A Heart When I Play Them?

If you notice that songs that you had previously liked on Spotify by tapping the heart icon are not showing a heart when you play them then it might be due to a minor glitch.

Glitches like this are common with apps especially if the developers just rolled out a new update.

In some cases, it might be happening because the said app might need an update.

Or that your internet connection wasn’t fast when you initially liked the song so your changes weren’t saved, to begin with.

How to Fix Liked Songs Not Showing a Heart When Played On Spotify

If your liked songs on Spotify are suddenly not showing a heart when you play them, the first solution to fix this is to clear your Spotify app cache data.

The second solution is to update your Spotify app from the App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device.

There are still a lot of other solutions to help fix this Spotify liked songs issue, keep reading.

Here is how to fix hearts not showing on liked songs on Spotify:

Solution 1. Clear app cache data on Spotify

The first solution is to clear Spotify’s app cache data on your device, if you are using an Android smartphone this should be easy.

You can clear app cache data on Spotify on an Android smartphone; open the “Settings app”, and scroll to find “Apps”.

Next, find the Spotify app, tap on it and select “Storage”, tap on “Clear cache” and that’s it!

For non-android devices, simply reboot your device and the cache data will be cleared.

Solution 2. Update Spotify app

This is usually the culprit of glitches on some apps, as every app update usually comes with fixes for bugs and glitches.

In essence, updating your Spotify app to the latest available version may fix this liked song issue.

Solution 3. Downgrade Spotify app

This third solution might appear tricky but sometimes it helps;

This is because even though app updates are supposed to fix bugs and glitches, they may not be able to fix them all at a time.

Some other problems might arise in the process of fixing one error or the other.

So downgrading your Spotify app to a version lower than the one you already have might do the trick.

Solution 4. Improve your internet speed

As we mentioned, your internet connection might not have been fast when you initially liked the song so your changes weren’t saved, to begin with.

So if you have tried all the solutions above and the error persists, you need to consider changing to a better internet and re-liking the song.


Spotify is a music app that allows you to listen to any song, or podcast, create playlists, and follow artists, among others.

When it comes to creating playlists on Spotify, there are custom ones and ones that will be automatically created by Spotify to keep all the songs you like or hear on the app.

Those liked songs are supposed to have a green heart next to them to indicate that you like them.

When there is an indication like that it means that the like button is not working on Spotify, and you need to fix it as soon as you can.

Don’t worry, we have listed all the solutions that should help you fix this problem in this guide, hope they help. 😉

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