How To Mark An Item As Sold On Depop

How To Mark An Item As Sold On Depop

Are you a seller on Depop and you want to learn how to mark an item as “sold”?

Depop is a fashion marketplace where people shop new and vintage items.

The website has a global community that sells, buys, and connects buyers and sellers which makes fashion more diverse and inclusive.

Once you sign up as a seller on Depop, you will automatically open an online shop where you will be able to list items for sale.

That way buyers get to purchase what they love, and the sellers earn an income in return for their services.

When it comes to the shops on Depop,  sellers can mark their items as sold as soon as they are sold out to take them off the shop so that buyers will know that it is no longer available.

In this guide, you will learn how to mark an item as sold on Depop.

How To Mark An Item As Sold On Depop

To mark an item as sold as a seller on Depop, you need to make sure the item purchase exchange between you and the buyer was successful.

Meaning that the item has been paid for and received.

After that, proceed with the steps below:

1. Go to your Depop seller account

You will need to access your Depop seller account via the mobile app or the website on ‘

Log into your account, click on “Sell” and on “My Listing”.

2. Choose the item you want to mark

Next, select the item amongst the other items listed on your shop page that has already been purchased.

You should see a menu at the bottom of the listing, click on “Sold” and enter the amount at which the item was sold plus taxes and extra fees.

You will also be prompted to add the details of the buyer that purchased the item.

Additionally, If you are interested in reviews and ratings from buyers which could attract more buyers in the future, then you can add a note under the listing of the item after it has been marked as “Sold”.

3. Confirm your changes

After adding all the required details, click on the “Submit” button.

And the item would be immediately marked as “sold” and will be removed from the list of available items yet to be sold in your Depop shop.

*Please note that you cannot mark multiple items at once, it can only be done one after the other.

So we recommend any sold item should be immediately marked as soon as it meets the requirements above.

This will reduce the hassle of going back and forth to mark each item separately at all times.


And that is how to mark any item as “Sold” on Depop as a seller.

In summary, you can do this via a desktop browser or the mobile app by going to “My Listing” on your Depop “Sell” page.

Buying and selling of anything on Depop usually takes place on the mobile app or the website, and buyers can easily message sellers to make enquires on availability before purchasing an item, but this can be stressful sometimes.

So when a seller marks an item accordingly, any questions regarding availability would be avoided.

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