Can A Locked T-Mobile Phone Work On Mint Mobile?

Can A Locked T-Mobile Phone Work On Mint Mobile?

Wondering if you can use Mint Mobile on a locked T-Mobile?

A locked T-Mobile phone is a phone that has been programmed to only work with the service carrier.

While Mint Mobile is a virtual network operator, it is also on the T-mobile network.

What this means is that T-Mobile bought Mint Mobile and now owns it.

Note that to use Mint Mobile, you will need to purchase the SIM card, learn more.

In this article, you will learn if you can use Mint Mobile on a locked T-Mobile phone, and why carriers companies lock phones.

Can A Locked T-Mobile Phone Work On Mint Mobile?

Yes, Mint Mobile will work on a locked T-Mobile phone as long as the phone supports 5G, 4G LTE, and accepts a SIM card.

Also as long as the IMEI of the phone is not blacklisted.

Mint Mobile is a subsidiary carrier of T-Mobile, that’s another reason why it should work.

Additionally, if you decide to unlock a T-Mobile phone, you can only get it unlocked by a T-Mobile support agent for free only if the phone meets their requirements.

One of the requirements is that the locked phone must have been active on a T-Mobile postpaid account for 40 days or ar on a prepaid account.

And if you are eligible for a free unlock, T-Mobile will send you a code that expires in 2 days, and instructions on how to use it.

Can I Keep My Old Phone Number With Mint Mobile?

Yes, you can; if you have a phone that you would still like to continue using with Mint Mobile, you can do that by:

Using the “Transfer My Number” option when you are activating your Mint Mobile plan.

And if you forget to use the option and you have already activated your Mint Mobile plan, you can contact their support team here, they will gladly help you transfer your old phone number.

Can I Access My Phone Messages Online On Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile being a prepaid service does restrict certain features but not this one.

You can access your phone messages online while on the Mint Mobile plan you just need to use ‘Messages by Google’ app.

To do this, use the Messages by Google app for SMS/MMS messages, then go to on your computer and setup messaging.

And if you lost your number with Mint Mobile, you can view your texts by accessing your messages from

Or using Pulse SMS, a very good app that backs up all your texts messages.

Can I Check My Data Usage On Mint Mobile?

Yes, you can check your data usage on Mint Mobile either by using the mobile app or from your account.

You can also use the “Data usage” feature on your smartphone, it can be found in the “Settings” app.

The data usage report are all in real-time, that way you would know the right data plan for you in the future.

Can I Cancel Mint Mobile Anytime?

Yes, you may cancel Mint Mobile at any time for any reason.

You may also request a refund within 7 days of activation, and they will refund the full price as long as the plan was bought on and complete a form here.


And that is all need to know about T-Mobile locked phones and Mint Mobile.

In summary, locked phones can only work with a particular carrier, but a phone locked with T-Mobile will work with Mint Mobile as long as it has a SIM card slot.

And carriers only lock phones to lock you into a lifetime contract, it is a money-making scheme for them.

Also, you can unlock your phone for free, you only have to contact T-Mobile support agents for a code after they must check if your phone meets the “unlocking” requirements.

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