How To Mute A Music Bot On Discord

How To Mute A Music Bot On Discord

Do you want to mute a music bot on a Discord server?

Adding a music bot to a Discord server can make the server more entertaining.

Server members can listen to any kind of music you set while they text each other or check out other apps in the background.

Most of these Discord music bots are free; however, as much as they can be entertaining, they can get annoying once you have lost interest.

The good news is that as a Discord server owner, you will have total control over this music bot; you will be able to decrease its volume or even mute the music bot completely.

Even as a regular member of a Discord server, you can mute a music bot or leave the channel that has the music bot active on it whenever you want.

Moving on, in this guide, you will be learning how you can mute a music bot on a Discord server.

How to Mute A Music Bot On Discord

To mute a music bot on Discord, follow the methods below (the second method applies to a regular member on a Discord server):

Method 1: Go to the voice channel that “houses” the music bot.

Click directly on the channel’s name and locate the bot.

Right-click on the bot and then check the “Mute” box.

Alternatively, on the Discord mobile app, while on the voice channel listening to the “annoying” music bot; tap on the members’ icon on the top right corner of your screen.

Locate the bot, tap on the username to reveal its profile, and tap on “Mute”.

Method 2: This second method takes a different approach to muting a music bot on a Discord server.

You have 3 (three) options:

1. Decrease the volume of the music using the volume buttons on your device.

2. Leave the voice channel that “houses” the music bot.

3. Close the Discord app and use other apps.

What Does Muting On Discord Do?

Muting on Discord stops every notification for any interactions on the platform.

Once you have muted a friend, a server, or a channel; you will not be notified in any way of any activity from that end.

However, if you have been muted by an admin or a bot on a particular Discord server, you may not be able to send messages on that server.

What Do Mute and Deafen Mean On A Discord Voice Channel?

The simple answer is that enabling the “Mute” option on a voice channel on a Discord server will stop other members of the server from hearing you.

Deafening on the other way does two jobs when enabled, first, it will stop you from hearing what other members in the voice channel say and secondly, stop them from being able to hear you.


Discord servers are great for bringing people from all over the world together.

However, in a bid to make the servers more fun, server admins have started incorporating bots; to automate different functions on the server.

Functions like games, trivia, and even music, however, might get boring sometimes, and turning them off, deafening, or muting them is the only way.

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