How To Link Pinterest Boards To Stitch Fix

How To Link Pinterest Boards To Stitch Fix

Are you wondering if you can link your Pinterest board to your Stitch Fix account?

The answer is yes, you can link or share your Pinterest board with your Stitch Fix account in less than minutes.

Stitch Fix has been in existence since 2011 and has been thriving in helping its users live up to their fashion dreams. 

The website acts like a virtual stylist shopper, using your interests to suggest the best fashion ideas for you.

Lately, they introduced an option to link your Pinterest account to the Stitch Fix platform and since Pinterest is a fashion-based search engine, it was only a matter of time.

Additionally, you can also link the boards on your Pinterest account to it, which makes it even easier for your stylist on Stitch Fix to understand your style better.

In this guide, you will learn how you can link your Pinterest board to your Stitch Fix account.

How to Link Pinterest Boards to Stitch Fix Account

Before we start with the steps to link your Pinterest boards with your Stitch Fix account, we recommend that you create one Stitch Fix-dedicated board on your Pinterest account.

This is because your Stitch Fix stylist usually has a limited amount of time to go through your Pinterest account, so having a dedicated board waiting for them on your Pinterest account will make them understand and serve you better.

Moving on, to link your Stitch Fix account with a board on your Pinterest account, you have to manually merge the two accounts followed by permitting Stitch Fix to access your boards.

  1. Log into your Stitch Fix account
  2. Connect your Pinterest profile
  3. Select board(s) to link

1. Log into your Stitch Fix account

The first step is to log into your Stitch Fix account on a computer, this is the only way you can merge the accounts properly.

To do this, go to, select “Sign in” and then input your login details and then confirm.

2. Connect your Pinterest profile to Stitch Fix

Next, navigate to the “Board option” in the left menu and click on “Connect board”.

You will be redirected to Pinterest where you will need to log into your account with the Stitch-Fix-dedicated board.

This is will grant Stitch Fix access to your Pinterest profile and boards.

3. Select board(s) to link

Once you have logged into your Pinterest account, you will see an option to ‘connect to a public board’, scroll to find the board you want to connect to, and click on “Continue” to save your selection.

Go back to the Stitch Fix website and click on the “Board option” again and you will see all the Pinterest board(s) you have linked to that account.

Finally, click on the board and select “Like” followed by “Save” to complete the linking process.


Stitch Fix is one the most convenient ways to accumulate fashion pieces without effort.

All you need do is to specify what you want on the site and all your fashion needs will come to pass.

You can also link Pinterest boards to your Stitch Fix account in less than a minute.

And since Pinterest is the home of fashion, linking your favorite fashion-inspired board will improve your experience on Stitch Fix.

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