How To Keep Spotify Playing In The Background On Android

How To Keep Spotify Playing In The Background On Android

Have you been wondering how to keep Spotify playing in the background on an Android smartphone?

Well, you are in the right place to get an answer.

If you have been having trouble finding the settings to enable app background activities on Android phones, this guide is for you too.

Spotify is a music streaming app that allows you to listen to almost any song in the world, the app is compatible with all devices including desktop users.

This app has lots of great features including background listening, what this does is to allow you to listen to your favorite songs without having to stay in the app.

However, to enjoy the “background listening” feature on Spotify, you will need to enable it, each device has different settings for this.

It is quite easy to enable the settings on iOS devices, but for Android users not so much so we will be focusing on them today.

In this guide, you will learn how to enable background playing on Spotify on an Android smartphone.

How To Keep Spotify Playing In The Background On Android

If you want songs on your Spotify app to keep playing in the background on an Android smartphone, you need to enable the settings first.

The settings are usually found in “Apps” in the “Settings” app of your Android.

This can be done manually, it takes about 2 minutes to complete.

Here is how to enable background play on an Android Spotify app:

1. Go to the “Settings” app

2. Turn off “Power-saving mode”

3. Select “Apps” and find Spotify

4. Enable background activities

1. Go to the “Settings” app

The first step is to go to the Settings app on your Android device.

Depending on the brand of Android you have, it is usually denoted by a gear icon.

Tap on the app to open it and then proceed to step 2.

2. Turn off “Power-saving mode”

On some Android smartphones, you may need to disable the power-saving mode before you can enable background activities on some apps.

The power-saving settings can be found in the Settings app under “Battery…”; there you can disable it.

3. Select “Apps” and find Spotify

Once you have disabled the power-saving mode as shown in step 2, it’s time to enable Spotify background activity.

To do this, tap on “Apps”, and scroll to find the Spotify app, you can use the search bar for this if your smartphone comes with the feature.

4. Enable background activities

Once you have seen the Spotify app, tap on it and select “Battery”.

This should bring up a few options for you like: Allowing background activity, Optimizing battery usage, and more.

Just turn on the “Allow background activity” option and close the Settings app.

Finally, open your Spotify app again, play any song, leave the app without closing it, and your song will keep playing in the background even if your screen is off or you are on another app.

Still can’t get Spotify to play songs in the background on Android?

If you have followed the steps above and you are still having issues getting Spotify to play songs in the background on your Android device, it may be time to update your Spotify app to the latest available version.

Another option would be to reboot your Android device, you can do this by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds and then tapping on “Restart”.

 You may also consider taking your contacting Spotify support, they may have a solution for you.


Sometimes we may want to enjoy some music on Spotify while exploring other apps on our devices.

The Spotify app for Android devices has been designed that way so that you can listen to songs in the background even if your screen is off.

You just have to enable the settings on your Android device, the steps to that are found in this guide and should take you less than 2 minutes to execute.

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