How To Save ChatGPT Conversation (Quick Guide!)

How To Save ChatGPT Conversation

Do you want to save your conversations on ChatGPT?

If yes, it is possible to do that and you can save such conversations in almost any format to your device.

ChatGPT is an Artificial intelligence (AI) made by OpenAI development company that communicates to its users as a human would.

This company was founded by Elon Musk in 2015 but currently, it is headed by Sam Altman after Elon left the board in 2018.

Moving on, if you ever want to revisit your history of communication with ChatGPT you can always save the conversation for later with a tool we will introduce to you in this guide, keep reading.

Your reason for wanting to save your conversation with ChatGPT might be for research purposes or it might be personal to you, either way, it can be done and it’s free.

This tool can only be used on a desktop browser and that is its only downside but overall it works.

In this guide, you will learn how to save conversations on ChatGPT for later use in any format on your device.

How to Save ChatGPT Conversation

To save conversations on ChatGPT, you can use the “SaveGPT” browser extension tool.

You can save ChatGPT Conversations in formats like HTML, Print it out, or even PNG.

This extension has to be installed on your desktop browser before it can work correctly so make sure you are looking up this tool on your computer.

This SaveGPT tool auto-saves any interaction you have had with ChatGPT as long as it is enabled, that way you can always revisit them later.

SaveGPT even adds a “Chat History” button that makes it easy to view threads you have saved within the ChatGPT website.

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Here is how you can save ChatGPT conversations using the SaveGPT tool on your browser:

1. Install the SaveGPT tool on your browser

The first step is to install SaveGPT on your browser.

To do this, search for “SaveGPT” on your browser; this tool can work on Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

After installation, make sure to pin the extension so that you enable it easily.

2. Find your past conservations in “Chat History”

After installation, click on the SaveGPT icon to enable the extension, launch the ChatGPT website, and start a conversation with the tool, on any topic.

Then on the left side of your screen, click on “Chat History” and you should be able to see all the conversations you have had with ChatGPT.

You can then go ahead to screenshot them or print them out by clicking on the “ctrl+P” keys together.

How to Save ChatGPT Conversation as HTML

There is another way to save conversations that you have had with ChatGPT, and that is HTML.

For the programmers in the house, HTML is a great option and allows you to handle a lot of information without taking up plenty of space on your device.

To save ChatGPT conversations as HTML, right-click on the conversation page and save the page as an HTML.


ChatGPT has been trending for a while now and users have been getting creative with it.

You can even save all your interactions with the AI tool so that you can look through them later.

Your old conversations with ChatGPT can be saved on your device, as a PNG, HTML or even printed out depending on your choice.

We have comprehensively explained how you can go about saving all your old conversations with ChatGPT in all the available formats.

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