How To Set A Pinterest Picture As Your Wallpaper

How To Set A Pinterest Picture As Your Wallpaper

Do you want to set a picture from Pinterest as wallpaper on the device?

The Pinterest website has a huge collection of pictures in every genre from all over the world that you can choose from.

These pictures on Pinterest are usually called pins by avid users of the website.

Although there is an option to download these pins to your device for free, you have to take note that there are not for commercial use at least without crediting the original owner(s).

However, pins on Pinterest can be used for personal use, things like using the picture as a wallpaper or screensaver on your device do not attract copyright issues.

In this guide, you will learn how to use a picture on Pinterest as wallpaper for your device.

How to Set a Pinterest Picture as Your Wallpaper

To use a picture on Pinterest as wallpaper on your phone or pc, you need to have a fully verified Pinterest account.

The second step is to download the picture (pin) from Pinterest and then follow your device settings to set it as your wallpaper.

Here is how to set a picture (pins) from Pinterest as your wallpaper:

1. Create a Pinterest account if you haven’t already

The first step to setting a Pinterest picture as wallpaper is to have a verified account on the website.

Although you can use Pinterest off on a browser, to avoid being limited during your searches and download you will need to have an account.

If you have already done this step, you should skip it to step 2.

2. Download the picture you want to use as a wallpaper

Next, you are going to use the search bar on Pinterest to look up the kind of wallpaper you want.

A tip for finding the best wallpaper for your device on Pinterest is to type “[color, word] wallpaper” in the search box and it will bring up a lot of wallpapers you might like.

To download the picture you have chosen on Pinterest, tap on the three horizontal dots next to the picture and select “Download image” to save it to your device.

If you are using Pinterest for a desktop, you can simply right-click on the picture to download it on your computer.

3. Set the picture from Pinterest as your device’s wallpaper

The final step is to set the downloaded picture from Pinterest as your wallpaper.

To do this, you have to follow your device settings because every device has different ways of setting up new wallpapers or screensavers.

For smartphones, you can go to the Gallery app, tap on the picture, tap on ‘More options’ and you should be able to set the picture as a wallpaper or screensaver.

On windows computers, you change your wallpaper to a picture from Pinterest by clicking on “Settings” on the start menu and then on “Personalization” and you should see the options to change your background or lock screen image to the one from Pinterest.


And that is how to set a picture downloaded from Pinterest as your device’s wallpaper, screensaver, or background.

Pictures from Pinterest can be used as wallpaper on any kind of device: pc, Android, and even iOS.

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