How To Fix “Sorry This Site Doesn’t Allow You To Save Pins” On Pinterest

Are you getting a “Sorry this site doesn’t allow you to save pins” error?

If you have been trying to pin images from your website directly from Pinterest mobile app then you might have noticed that error message.

Even when you’re sure that all the images on the website have been fully loaded, you might still receive the error.

This usually means that there is an issue with your website, usually a plugin conflict or a need to clear your site’s cache and this issue stops you and your readers from pinning your images to Pinterest.

To fix this, you have to go to your website, I’m assuming you are the owner, and change a few things.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix “Sorry! This site doesn’t allow you to save Pins” on Pinterest.

How to fix “Sorry! This site does not allow you to save Pins”

To fix “Sorry! This site doesn’t allow you to save Pins”, you need to need to check your website for plugin conflict and clear your website cache.

After you have done it, you need to try saving your images to Pinterest again, It will will be successful this time.

If somehow the problem persists, switching from your current website theme to the default theme assuming you are hosted on WordPress.

Then, clear your website cache and try again, it will definitely work now.

Lastly, if somehow all these did not work, you may need to contact Pinterest support to see if the issue is from their own end.

Here is how to fix “Sorry! This site doesn’t allow you to save Pins”:

1. Deactivate third party plugins

The way to do this is to navigate to the plugin section of your Website dashboard if you’re blogging on the WordPress platform.

Select all of the plugins and bulk deactivate, don’t delete them just deactivate everything.

The reason you only need to deactivate your plugins is because you might need to reactivate them after fixing this issue.

Once you have deactivated your plugins, visit your website through Pinterest and try pinning your images to a Pinterest board.

If it’s fixed, you will know that it was a plugin caused the problem, and what you should now do is to narrow down which one it was by reactivating them one at a time.

2. Clear cache on your website

Just like how you clear cache on Snapchat or Instagram. You have to clear cache on your website.

Clearing cache frees up space and fixes common loading problems.

This might not be a great fix for this problem but might speed up your site and enable your images to load fully.

Because, if an image doesn’t load fully, you will not be able to pin them on Pinterest.

3. Switch current theme to default

Another way to fix “Sorry! This site doesn’t allow you to save Pins” is to switch from your current site’s theme to the original theme.

Sometimes this issue is usually caused by a change in a theme’s coding.

And not all of us are tech savvy, I know I’m not.

So  switching to the original theme that your website launched with may fix this problem.

4. If you’re tech savvy, look for an html code

For those who know their way around html, css and the rest.

This method is for you but be careful editing your blog’s html, you might make things worse especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Once you are on the html side of your website, look for this string of code under <head>:

<meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />

The above code blocks anyone from saving things from your site to Pinterest.

If you see that code on your website, under <head> simply remove it completely and save your template.

5. Try a second time

If you tried to pin images from a website and Pinterest is preventing you from doing so.

Turn off your internet connection, turn it on again, reload the webpage and try pinning again.

This method only works if the issue is caused by bad internet connection or the webpage not being fully loaded.

6. Contact Pinterest support

If you have all the above methods and the problem still persists, the only next solution is to contact Pinterest.

You can try sending them an email even though everyone knows that Pinterest support is almost non-existent, but you can give it a try.

The reason why I had said that Pinterest is almost non-existent is because they obviously get many requests daily and that means that before they can get to your email, it might take a while.

However, if you are willing to be patient enough you can contact them on their help website.


If you can’t pin images from your website to Pinterest, the first is to check for plugin conflict.

However, they are other methods which I have listed in this article.

They include clearing cache, waiting it out, checking your internet connectivity or contacting Pinterest support for help.

Contacting Pinterest is usually the last resort, it usually takes about 2 business days to get a response from Pinterest.

Although, if they big number of requests from other people who need help too, so it is possible that it may take more than 2 business days

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