What Does “/C” Mean On Twitter (X)?

What Does /C Mean On Twitter (X)?

Do you want to know what “/c” means on Twitter?

If you have been on Twitter (X) for a while, then you must have noticed the abbreviation “/c” being used by several people.

When it comes to texting, a lot of abbreviations come to light every day, and the best you can do is to try and keep up.

Most of these abbreviations make no sense, and a certain percentage of people might even wonder why anyone bothered to shorten them.

But that’s what abbreviation in texting helps with, to short texts so that you do not have to spell the whole word.

However, the good thing about abbreviations in texting or on Twitter is that once you become familiar with them, you will not go back to typing in full for a very long time.

In this guide, you will learn what /C means on Twitter, and how to use it properly in a text.

What Does /C Mean on Twitter (X)?

The quick answer is that “/C” on Twitter means that the tweet was copied from the original author or a website.

The full meaning is “Copypasta”, which means “copied and pasted’, and nothing more.

It is usually used in texts that do not belong to you even if you modified a few words.

As long it somehow matches the original it is only appropriate you add “/c” or maybe tag the author at the end of your tweet.

This will prevent “callouts” on Twitter if the original author ever sees that you used their thoughts to gain traction on Twitter without proper attributions.

How Do People Use “/C” on Twitter (X)?

In case you were wondering how people use “/C” in their tweets, it is very simple.

As long as you are trying to subtly state that the words in your tweet do not belong to you, then you are on the right track.

Here are some examples where “/C’ has been used in tweets:

“It’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to take a break. /c”

“If you cut revenge out of the bible, there’s not even enough pages to make a pamphlet. /c”

“Me going to bed with an empty stomach because I beefed with my mama. /c”


And that is all there is to know about “/c” on Twitter (X), what it means, and how to use it in texts.

In summary, it is used to show that the text it is included in was copied and pasted or that you are not the original author of a tweet.

And since you have caught up with what this particular abbreviation stands for on Twitter, hopefully, you get to implement it soon. 😊

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