How To Transfer Ownership Of Airpods Pro

Transfer ownership of Airpods pro

Do you want to transfer ownership of Airpods pro?

Airpods Pro is a product from Apple the same company that makes the iPhone, iPad, and iWatch.

They are wireless mini Headphones that work via Bluetooth to connect to the source of sound.

Airpods Pro works on iOS and Android devices as long as they are Bluetooth-supported.

Now if you do plan to give away your Airpods Pro, or maybe sell it to someone else, then you will need to transfer ownership.

So that henceforth the Airpods Pro would be recognized by any device as the new owner.

In this guide, you will learn how to change ownership of Apple Airpods Pro.

How To Transfer Ownership Of Airpods Pro

To change ownership of your Apple Airpods Pro, you need to unpair them from your device and also rename the AirPods before giving them the new owner.

After that, the new owner can take full control of your Airpods.

Follow the steps below to change your Apple Airpods Pro ownership:

Step 1: Put the Airpods in the case, closed; before resetting, and do not open the lid of the case during this tutorial.

Step 2: Turn on “Bluetooth” on your device, go to the list of paired devices, and find your Airpods Pro from the list.

Step 3: Select the option “i” next to “Your Devices”, there should be a few options there like “Unpair Airpods”, “Forget this device” and so on; just tap on “Unpair Airpods”.

Step 4: Open the lid of the case, press and hold the small button at the back of the case for 12 seconds till you see a blinking amber color.

Step 5: Once you start seeing the amber light, let go of the button, and you have successfully unpaired your Airpods Pro from your device (owner A).

Step 6: Since when you first pair the Apple AirPods Pro to your iPhone, they automatically name themselves, you will need to rename them for owner B.

Step 7: Open your Airpods case, go to the Settings app on your iPhone, and select “Bluetooth”.

Step 8: After that you should see your AirPods Pro in the list of devices that are available to be connected, tap on “i” next to them.

Step 9: Next you should see a couple of options, you need to select the one that lets you change the current name of your device, tap on the current name, enter a new name (owner B’s), and save your changes.

After unpairing your Airpods Pro and renaming it, the new owner can pair it with their device by repeating 1 to 5 in this guide.


And that is how to transfer your Airpods Pro to a new owner.

In summary, you need to unpair and rename the Airpods on owner A’s device before you can transfer ownership to owner B.

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