How To Turn On Samsung A12 Without The Power Button? Easy Guide

How To Switch On Samsung A12 Without Using The Power Button

To turn on Samsung A12 without the power button can create a huge confusion amongst users.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 has been in circulation since 2020 and they fall into one of the most affordable series in the Samsung Android smartphones collection as opposed to the S series, the fold, and Z flip.

From the specifications of this smartphone on Samsung’s official website, you would see that besides its portability and durability, it has a lot of other great functions; but we are not going to get into that.

A lot of hardware and software issues can result in a faulty power button on smartphones, but not being able to turn on your Samsung smartphone using the power button is mostly a hardware issue.

And this should be taken seriously and looked into by a professional phone repair person.

However, before going to a phone repair person for a permanent broken power button fix, you can always turn your Samsung A12 on without the power button using the steps in this guide.

How to Turn On Samsung A12 without the Power Button?

The steps below are written to help you turn on any Samsung smartphone including the A12 series without using the power button.

However, you need to follow these steps carefully to avoid crashing or accidentally factory resetting your phone.

Hold on: Before we get to the steps make sure to checklist the following:

  • That the phone can turn on or have been turned on prior to this moment,
  • The battery has been charged to a minimum of 50%, and 
  • That the phone apart from a broken power button is not faulty in any way.

Now let’s get started with the steps:

Step 1# Use the two volume buttons and a charger

The first step to turning on your Samsung A12 smartphone without using the power button is to use the volume keys; how?

Simply, use your left hand to press and hold on the up and down volume keys together at once.

While still holding on to the volume keys, connect your phone to a power outlet with the charger, wait for a few seconds for a bluish screen to appear, and remove your fingers from both volume keys.

Step 2# Press the volume down key

After removing your fingers from the volume keys and with the charger still plugged in, simply press the volume down key once and your Samsung A12 smartphone will proceed to turn on.

In this second be very careful not to press the wrong key (the volume up key in this case) as you may end up causing more issues for your smartphone than it already has.


When it comes to Samsung smartphones there seem to be a lot of workarounds and they can save you a lot of stress and money.

When your hard keys are faulty, it may seem like the end of the world; but, you will find that there are alternatives you just have to know where to look.

Using the volume keys on working and on charged Samsung, you can turn it on easily.

Here is an easy and comprehensive guide on how you can switch on a Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone without using the power key.

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