4 Best Video Editing Software For YouTube

Best Video Editing Software For YouTube

Due to the popularity of YouTube for so many years, its amazing features, and its usefulness to the digital world, its users just keep growing with no end in sight.

Content creators have been making use of this platform for years as they get so many customers and earn a great following, as YouTube is the go-to place when people need video content concerning pretty much anything they are interested in.

With the huge amount of videos available on YouTube, it is very important to make yours as unique as possible to attract subscribers, followers, and potential customers.

This is where video editing software comes in, helping you create and edit your videos to make them unique and stand out, also editing software is needed for your video quality.

Using the right equipment and editing software would give your video high resolution, and make your content look very professional.

Now with that, let’s take a look at some of the best video editing software.

Best Video Editing Software For YouTube

Video editing software is not an optional tool for any Youtuber, it is simply something they can not do without.

This is because producing quality content is impossible without good editing software.

1. Shotcut

I kick-started the list with Shotcut, it is an online video editor suitable for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

This editing software was designed specifically to aid users in editing audio files and videos alike.

It helps users to turn these videos and audio files into products of high quality, and it is very easy to use for professionals and those who a new to using editing software.

Where it lacks in power when compared to other editing software, it makes up for it with how easy it is to use and how quick it is to edit videos and audio files.

So this is a good choice for YouTubers who are looking for fast and easy-to-use editing software.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

This video editing software is one of the most used and one of the best video editing software in the game, some users even call it the best, and this is arguably true as it depends on who you ask.

It is easy to use to create and edit videos, it has unique features and an amazing collection which makes it one of the best software for the creation of high-quality videos.

Its premium price is a bit on the high side but it is worth it, the features and collection makes up for its high price with amazing value.

Even professional film producers make use of Adobe Premiere Pro, that is how outstanding this software is.

3. LightWorks

Here is another outstanding video editing software, with more customizable options that are easy to use, and suitable for professionals and users who are still new to video editing software.

The LightWorks editing software comes with a free trial package where users can edit videos for free, this feature is useful as it allows those who wish to make minor edits to videos to edit without having to opt for the more premium package.

This software supports 4k resolution, with more than 100 special effects, it also has compatibility for HD and SD formats alike.

It has audio and video content features that are good for YouTube copyright guidelines.

This software has features that allow users to upload content to many channels with its social media templates, thumbnails, and so on.

The premium package offers more features and a better experience, so a user should invest in it for a much more extensive user experience.

4. DaVinci resolves 18

This is a completely free editing software, and even with that, it is one of the best editing software in the game.

Some filmmakers make use of the editing software.

It is very handy and easy to use, it can be used offline and online with available tools for both processes.

It has been compared with other paid software like Adobe Premiere Pro when it comes to quality, despite being free this makes it a highly recommended editing software

It allows users to team up with others while editing, this is good for those who have many video editors working together on a project.


The crazy competition on YouTube makes having good video editing software all the more compulsory.

As it helps users to make high-resolution videos and audio recordings, and it helps a YouTuber’s content stand out.

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