What Does hml Stand For On Facebook?

what does hml stand for on Facebook

Did you recently notice the term “hml” on Facebook?

Probably you saw it as a hashtag in a comment section.

Or you saw it being used as a caption of a post.

Put it anyway, the #hml hashtag is quite common on Facebook and other social media like Snapchat.

However, even if you think that you are familiar with the trends on Facebook, the hml acronym may still seem strange to you.

This is because every day new trends pop up on social media, so it can be a little hard to keep up with them.

Moving on, hml can mean many things in a text or post, depending on the message you are trying to pass to the public.

So, “hml” can be the short-form for any of the following phrases:

  • Happy married life,
  • Hit my line, and
  • Hat€ my life

Although it can still mean other things, this is just to mention the few popular ones.

In this guide, you will learn the meaning of hml on Facebook, more hashtags you can use together with #hml to get more likes on Facebook, it’s full form and more.

What does “hml” stand for on Facebook?

What does "hml" stand for on Facebook?

The acronym, “hml” on Facebook can mean either “hate my life”, “happy married life” or “hit my line”.

So, there is no specific meaning associated with #hml as it can be short for three phrases or more.

It can be also be used as a hashtag as seen in the above photo, the hashtag #hml has been used on Facebook over 17 thousand times.

With the number of people using “hml” on Facebook, it means that it is not oversaturated like #follow4follow hashtag on Twitter.

On Facebook, people sometimes use the hashtag with the expectation of getting more exposure to their posts.

The most popular usage of “hml” on Facebook is in posts that are related to weddings, which in that context means “happy married life”.

This is to say that it is rare to use “hml” as “hat€ my life” or “hit my line” on Facebook.

How do you use hml on Facebook?

If you would like to use hml on Facebook or in messages, there are three ways you can use it to your advantage.

  • In a post,
  • In a message, or
  • As a comment

The first way is to post a photo or video and caption it with “hml” or as a hashtag, like this: #hml.

Use the #hml hashtag along with the #viral, #google, or #likeforlikes hashtags to boost your post’s engagement.

For example, if you are uploading a picture of a couple you know who just tied the knot, you can add “hml” as part of your caption.

Or if you want to upload a picture of yourself with your phone number in the caption, you can use “hml” as in “hit my line” as part of your caption.

The second way to use hml on Facebook is by utilizing it in a message, as long as the receiver is familiar with acronyms.

Then the third way is to look for “#hml” on Facebook and comment on posts that have the hashtag in their captions.

1. To do this, go to search on Facebook.

2. In the search box type in “#hml” and then tap on “Go”.

3. Next, you will see posts of people who have used “hml” in their captions.

4. You can then select any post and just comment “hml” and who knows, you might get a reply from the original poster.

The usage of “hml” is not only for the Facebook platform.

It can be used on other social media platforms too especially Twitter and Snapchat.

In conclusion, “hml” can be written as an acronym or as a hashtag, it can be used on any other social media including Facebook, you can use it in a caption, a message, or a comment.

What is the full form of hml?

hml = happy married life, hate my life, hit my line

The acronym “hml” has many full forms but they are most popularly used as full forms for the following phrases:

  • Happy married life,
  • Hit my line, and
  • Hat€ my life

This means that you can use the acronym interchangeably.

How you use it in a message, text, or post depends on the message you are trying to pass on to the public.

Why do people use hml on Facebook?

So you may be curious as to why people even use “hml” on their posts, comments, or messages?

Or why can’t they just write it in full and so on?

The usage of “hml” on Facebook saves time, I mean that’s why acronyms were introduced into the grammar system.

Using “hml” as a hashtag on your posts on Facebook or any other social media can be used to boost a post’s engagement rate and increase the chances of it getting a lot of likes and comments.


In this guide, you have learned how to use “hml”, its full meaning, why people use the acronym on Facebook and more.

I also mentioned that how you use “hml” depends on the message you are trying to pass on to the public.

Although trends come and go quickly especially on social media, you can still use “hml” to your advantage, to increase the chances of your posts getting seen by a lot of people.

However, there is no guarantee that using these hashtags will increase your likes as your content needs to be good for people to engage with it.

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