What Happens If You Don’t Repair A Broken Skill On Duolingo?

What Happens If You Don’t Repair A broken Skill On Duolingo

A broken or cracked skill on the Duolingo language app may be a cause for alarm to some.

It can even be a bigger cause for alarm when you haven’t reviewed the skill in a long period of time; which is the reason why you see cracked skill on Duolingo in the first place.

And the only way to fix this is to repair it by revisiting that skill.

The cracked or broken skill on Duolingo usually resembles a cracked egg.

However, most people wonder what happens when you don’t try to fix the skill, well this is what you are about to find out.

In this guide, you will learn the meaning of a broken or cracked skill on Duolingo, what happens when you don’t fix a cracked or broken Duolingo skill, and what happens when you don’t restore a gold skill.

The Meaning of a Broken or Cracked Egg on Duolingo

The broken or cracked egg on Duolingo means that the language skill you have been learning hasn’t been reviewed for a while.

It is just a way to remind you to revisit or relearn the skill.

It is a creative way to make users interested in continuing their language journey and I must commend Duolingo.

What Happens If You Don’t Repair a broken/cracked Skill on Duolingo?

If you don’t repair a broken skill on Duolingo nothing will happen.

If you are worried about your position on the leaderboard, the broken skill won’t affect it as long as you are reviewing other skills.

I use Duolingo and I can tell you that I have about two broken skills that I haven’t reviewed in weeks because I have a favorite skill that I tend to focus on a lot. 

Not reviewing those two broken or cracked skills has not affected my Duolingo account nor have it affected my rankings on the leaderboard.

What Happens When You Don’t Restore a Gold Skill on Duolingo?

A gold skill on Duolingo is when you have successfully completed a unit of lessons to the point of gaining 5 gold crowns.

If you are worried that your cracked gold skill on Duolingo will drop back down to 4 crowns well it won’t. 

Absolutely nothing will happen when you don’t restore a gold skill on Duolingo, not to your account or rankings as long as you are active on other skills.


While Duolingo can be a fun way of new languages, it can get you worried at times due to the fight for higher rankings and your already learned skills cracking too often like an actual egg.

On the part of your already learned skills cracking too often, it is nothing to worry about as long as you are busy with other skills on Duolingo.

So it is a not-so-subtle way of letting you know that you can’t learn a language once, you have you keep revisiting and reviewing it till you have mastered it completely or to an extent.

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